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Why Microsoft was forced to improve its defense skills

Published by on januari 30, 2013

At the beginning of Microsoft’s successful hunting era, the company recruited super talented personnel, which made it easy for Microsoft to become an apex predator on the market. Eventually the tide changed and today Microsoft is swimming upstream against heavy resistance with its solutions and brand. Why? We live in a transparent market in a culture best described as open source, which is not an advantage for Microsoft. Being big often means having a hard time adjusting to change, especially change that occurs faster than the company’s ability to adapt to it. But sometimes the mighty ones develop cultures that are unwilling to adapt (denial has that effect).

In today’s deadly waters not even market leaders like Microsoft have a choice except to improve its defence skills unless it wants to be eaten alive like a whale carcass when the competition come calling. At the beginning of the open source revolution, Microsoft tried to defend its market share with pure denial and arrogance, which back-fired big time. When times change, it does not matter how mighty the market leader is. These companies need to change the direction of their solutions and follow the currents to where the market is taking them. If they don’t they will end up stranded on the beach. This is the simple reason for why Microsoft moved into open source and the reason for why it acquired Skype. The latter has the flavour of consumer power which Microsoft so desperately needed to add to its corporate DNA and survive in the seas it operated in. As Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer admitted:

Skype is a phenomenal service that is loved by millions of people around the world.

The question Microsoft needs to answer is who loves Microsoft?
If it can answer that question without having to pay for that love, Microsoft will engage followers to become a part of its defense. Those things you can’t purchase (such as internal and external loyalty) tend to represent good defence. So long as its competitors do not organize themselves against Microsoft, or grow big enough to attack, Microsoft is quite safe. But it’s only a matter of time when that will happen, so Microsoft has to keep developing its defence skills.

Above from the Sharkonomics book.

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Can Google write the design code and compete with Apple?

Published by on januari 26, 2013

Google may not have a Jony Ive, but there is nevertheless a coherent process for laying out a design vision across all these multiple teams and platforms. (recoommeded read and video)

Yes Mr Ive is a master mind in design, but he is only one person writing a master code for design. If Google see that design is only a code, then they could use there speed to over take the design position that Apple dominates.

Thanks to Ulf A. Carlson.

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Why trendspotters should play table tennis

Published by on januari 24, 2013

Watch this video and see how amazing and trendy table tennis can become (history do repeat itself). In fact, if the sport directors of table tennis plays the game right now the sport could become the most trendy sport in the world!

Trend is a match between time and history!

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Chew on an superb book review of Sharkonomics in Bizsugar

Published by on januari 20, 2013

This sharp book review will make smaller sharks swims faster by fueling up with sugar:

Small businesses have plenty to chew on in Sharkonomics
Martin Lindeskog, Bizsugar

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Facebook is more important than food

Published by on januari 14, 2013

According to Maslow’s theory the need of food comes first. But psychologist of today question this statement. I saw an excellent speech given by Dr. Gordon Neufeld, developmental psychologist on the topic of attachment theory. My interpretation of Dr. Neufeld’s speech is that:

Facebook is more important than food.

Facebook and similar social platforms as well as computer games appears to have a stronger addictions than food.

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Profitable New Year’s resolutions

Published by on januari 10, 2013

The gyms are crowded with New Year’s resolutions. The human body is working hard to get in in shape for summer’s sunny beaches. Can companies create an equally energetic change with the help of New Year’s resolutions?

After the holidays when the batteries are charged alot of the recharged energy is spent on overcrowded gyms. What if we could use that recharged energy to encourage businessesdevelopment? Instead of putting the energy on reshaping our bodies the organizations can use the energy to make new year’s resolutions in terms of new marketing and business plans. But some people may think no, why should people gather at crowded workplaces and shed sweat at the office floors?  A gym membership is enough as a new year’s resolution. Whether new plans or a new gym card, both reassure that something new is going on for the summer.

We like to view ourselves as personal trainers at office instead of the gym. As personal trainers we have received assignments on workshops with companies in order to help them put their marketing and business plans into action 201. Why don’t you also join the growing movement of creating profitable New Year’s resolutions and take a larger bite of the market. Get fit to take a larger bite!

Right now we offer our blog readers the opportunity to come in business shape in what we call workshops in 2013 for the fixed price of 2013 x ambition = Workshops 2013. Contact Stefan for more information (price offer valid only Jan / Feb 2013).

Email Stefan

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