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Guy Clapperton points out potential danger of using social media as a toy

Published by on juni 28, 2012

Recently I had the pleasure to be social offline with Guy Clapperton who is social media expert and often seen on the BBC. We met in Denmark where he was the Key note speaker at the Marketing Day 2012 (Markedsføringsdagen 2012). I also had the honor to be one of the speakers so I could spend time to interview Guy. It is always tricky to ask questions to an experienced journalist. We skipped all the usual superlatives about social media. Instead Guy pointed out some of the potential danger of using social media as a toy:

• We don’t think toys can be dangerous.
• People who are not aware or understand the effect of their online behavior are in the risk zone.
• We do not think about the information we give away as long as we get something back.

Guy often refered to the saying:

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.

I would like to add that being a “toy product” in an information society has its risks and thinkers such as Guy Clapperton gives a healthy awareness in the potential risk with social media in a humble delivered speech.

PS: Also like to point out that the rest of the excellent seminar was about marketing potential with social media and that Guy delivered an inspirational speech with positive message about social media in a witty way.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated 25 June 2012

Published by on juni 25, 2012

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Bookmark and Share Why is defence not valued in business?

Published by on juni 18, 2012

Why is defence not valued in business? (I have started to blog for – check it out)

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A business book with teeth, and some pearly whites of wisdom

Published by on juni 15, 2012

Stefan Engeseth never fails to surprise. His logic of taking his inspiration this time from nature—with the simple yet poignant question: ”How have sharks survived for millions of years?”—has yielded a business book with teeth, and some pearly whites of wisdom.
Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates. Director, the Medinge Group

Praise for the Sharkonomics book.

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Marketing Week ranks Sharkonomics as one of 2012 marketing buzzwords

Published by on juni 12, 2012

Lucy Handley of Marketing Week predicted ”sharkonomics” will be one of the hot marketing buzzwords in 2012 to reach the ears of corporate boardrooms.

Sharkonomics: Marketing terms that will reach the boardroom in 2012.
Marketing Week

The reviewer chose a favourite point from the book: Move or die. The Marketing Week magazine is one of the most influential magazines in the world of marketing (and helps a lot of marketing community to move to new seas).

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Das Sharkonomics book launch in Germany at Soho House Berlin

Published by on juni 9, 2012

This week I held a lecture at the first Sharkonomics book launch outside of the Nordics, at Berlin. It felt really good to at Berlin which is ranked as one of the most creatives cities in the world. The book launch was arranged at Soho House, a great place for people woking in the creative business field.

A unique illuminating business event.
Soho House Berlin (quote from event calendar)

Never before have I in any other speech got so creative and mixed audience (film directors, artist, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketers and probably anything else you could think of). They gave me great creative questions and fun intellectual response.

I want to give special thanks to Steph and Luis for making my book swim in Germany.

Sharkonomics von Stefan Engeseth verbreitet Angst und Schrecken unter Marktführern.
German Press release

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Innovations that have a given market today is almost as rare as pregnant nuns

Published by on juni 5, 2012

Innovations that have a given market today is almost as rare as pregnant nuns.
Professor of Economics Allan Malm, Lund University

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Check out Vamos beta app before its released

Published by on juni 2, 2012

Talent often start small and so does Vamos. Check it out on Facebook or (I do Like the people behind the solutions).

Vamos is an app that mix Facebook Events and Instagram photos together. It was made to help people discover events and happenings around them. Summed up it shows you what your friends are up to and all pictures taken from that event.

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