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Free download: Final edition book sample of Sharkonomics

Published by on februari 29, 2012

Right now my next book Sharkonomics is being printed.


A very good advise is to read Sharkonomics before your competitors!
Michael Raffnsøe, CEO, Danish Marketing Association


Download and read the final edition for free: Book Sample (PDF).

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Cannes Lions: Earth best tribe meeting for communicators

Published by on februari 27, 2012

Don’t miss earth best tribe meting for communicators: The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications. It is a tribe meeting for people working in advertising and communication. Over 9,000 delegates from 90 countries attend workshops, exhibitions, screenings, master classes and high-profile seminars by industry leaders seven days between 17-23 June. This highly professional tribe is networking 24/7 in beautiful Cannes. It takes time to become earth’s best tribe for communicators as Canne Lions who started to build their world class formula 1954.

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It’s about time someone took competitive strategy thoughts to the phase of the 21st century

Published by on februari 23, 2012

It’s about time someone took competitive strategy thoughts to the phase of the 21st century. Stefan Engeseth always has new and surprising angles on how companied should create enduring business success.
Carl Wåreus, CEO, DDB Sweden

Praise for the book.

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Taking a bite out of Apple

Published by on februari 20, 2012

Apple shocked the mobile-phone market by introducing its iPhone. It was a classic wake-up call which saw Apple take big bites out of market leaders such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The latter survived the attack, but it cost the company billions. When Apple moved into new territories with the iPad, it reported sales of millions. That is great, even by Steve Job’s standard. But reporting the success of Apple is like pouring blood into an ocean, which attracts hungry competitors. It won’t be long before the likes of Google will strike back with their own version of the iPad killer. Competitors act like sharks; they have a good sense for business and it will not take them long before they also enter the new market. Now the question is: How fast can Steve Jobs’ successor swim before the sharks (competitors) catch up with Apple’s advantage? A brand such as Apple can afford to take a bite in different business fields to see how it tastes: the iPod tasted good, the iPhone tasted even better, and the iPad made for a nice dessert. The music industry should have seen Apple circling around it years ahead of its attack. But where and what will the iShark attack next time? What will be Apple’s next attack? With the iPad, Apple will continue its attack on the publishing business (books, newspapers, etc). But isn’t it time someone attacked mighty Apple, for even sharks can be attacked? Apple is the kind of company that many people admire because they are outstanding in many ways, but the simple truth is that it is only good because the competition stinks. Sharkonomics will reveal where and how to attack companies such as Apple through some of the enormous blind spots they are unaware of and through mistakes in their defence strategies.


Above from the book.

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For anyone in advertising dealing with market leaders and their competition

Published by on februari 17, 2012

Sharkonomics is a great companion for anyone in advertising dealing with market leaders and their competition.
Calle Sjoenell, Deputy Chief Creative Officer, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

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Lecture with DDBs Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard “The Last Mad Man”

Published by on februari 14, 2012

Yesterday I attended an exclusive lecture with the DDBs legendary Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard called “The Last Mad Man.” Keith is one of the few last (but young) people who actually was around when the smartest advertising in the world was created by Bill Bernbach. His lecture was inspiring and passionate in passing on Bill Bernbach’s creative legacy. I spent enormous of time doing research for my books, Keith does not need that, he is a library of books walking on two legs. Two books I would like to read if he writes them:
Das Advertising (about Volkswagens collaboration with DDB, take the slogan “Das Auto” and explain how advertising drove this brand and changed advertising for others to follow their wheel rut).
Creativity: Whats up? (about Keith’s unique and modern view on creativity in advertising and the creation of the non created space called creativity with a connection to the DDBs Budweisers campaign “What’s up?”).

Bill Bernbach once said that properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten. I suggest that in the future, properly practiced creativity will require the smart and skillfull re-integration of storytelling and brand building skills we learned from Bernbach with the amazing feats we can accomplish with the new technologies.”
Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard, DDB World Wide (Quote from Keith’s speech notes)

Thanks to Carl Wåreus, CEO, DDB Sweden for the invitation.

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Buy nature is the new green revolution at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Published by on februari 10, 2012

I visited Stockholm Furniture Fair yesterday. As usual it was the design students that delivered the most creative ideas. Students are yet not destroyed by the reality and can therefore create without any compromises. In my opinion students are more connected to trends than economy – a positive side effect given by the freedom of choice. One of the best part of the fair was presented by the school Steneby, who had a green theme named Grow. In my opinion the students were pointing out a very interesting trend that can change how we live our life in the future. Also, these students at the Steneby may have found one of the most fun and interesting versions of saving the world ever! Students were showing how we can save nature by turning our homes into exotic gardens, including vegetation in our furnitures to make our homes grow green on the inside. My interpretation is that we are destroying our planet ecosystem and we want to take control by building our own planet inside our homes.

This elegant table is design by Lena Louisa Meyer and serves vegetation to eat straight out of the table.

My interpretation of the students’ work is that these green solution could easily become a global movement supported by social media. Like saving the rainforest by buying a piece of it and growing it at home. Instead of moving to a villa with garden people can have their own garden inside their apartments. Soon maybe one can even have their own versions of farms inside their apartments. This can change the way we build apartments, grow our own food, build cites etc. But it is a logical step – people no longer trust food manufactures to be healthy or green. That is why farmers have more costumers than ever visiting their farms. This can change with these new trend – growing a farm in your own living room or kitchen. Instead of building traditionally designed homes (monumental bathrooms and kitchens) we can invite our friends to our own green paradise – a private and green version of Noah’s Ark. This will make it possible for to you not only watch Discovery Channel but have your own version of it at your home. Buying pieces of nature and growing it inside our homes can create a feeling of saving the planet instead of only passively watching the bad news reported in media.

One designer at the exhibition who have been making a green difference for 20 year is Sergej at ReturDesign who was rewarded in media as “Hero for the planet”

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Our ability to adapt will decide if we are predator or prey

Published by on februari 8, 2012

Our ability to adapt will decide if we are predator or prey. Stefan Engeseth is in Sharkonomics teaching us both offense and defense by thinking like a Shark.
Martin Deinoff, Senior Vice President, Creuna

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Winter frost water in Stockholm

Published by on februari 6, 2012

Did take this photo in Stockholm, Kungsholmen with my Samsung mobile camera. It is thin frost ice that surrounds a stone and an branch.

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Nature, red in tooth and claw, can be a great teacher

Published by on februari 3, 2012

Nature, red in tooth and claw, can be a great teacher. Stefan Engeseth has taken one of its lessons, that of the great sharks, and used it to present a view on strategy that pounces rather than plans and emphasizes movement over models. Sharkonomics is fast, ferocious fun.
Professor Alf Rehn, author of Dangerous Ideas

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