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Claes Andréasson success at Unplugged Speeches™

Published by on september 29, 2010

Yesterday the fourth Unplugged Speeches™ took place. The speaker this time was the viking Claes Andréasson.
Claes is one of the big thinkers behind super brands such as Absolut Vodka and Marabou. Claes is a humble thinker who always points out that success stems from team work.
Claes really succeeded in his lecture by establishing magical connection with the audience and by using stories in which he shared his life journey and passion for vikings. There are many good speakers in the world but only a few of them can connect really well with the audience like Claes.
Claes’s book The Viking Manifesto, which he wrote together with Steve Strid, is a success world wide, but not yet in Sweden. Many thanks to Optimal Publishers who gave some free copies of the Swedish edition of the book (so Swedes once again can become the wild vikings).

Thanks also to our sponsor Smurfit Kappa Sweden and to our unique location SpaghettiOperan Regina.

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Ralph Nader: A sustainable force for earth

Published by on september 26, 2010

I attended Ralph Nader´s lecture. He is an amazing person – I would say that he is a sustainable force for earth. His life time achievement started long time ago when corporations did not listen to ethics and did not know what green wash is. Today are sustainability trendy. But back then during the days in the States when he started his long journey it could not have been a walk in the park.
I wish heros like Ralph Nader could live at least 500 years so he could change the world for 500 years. His work and books will work as change agents for eternity, as his latest book Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!.

When ever I meet big thinkers I ask them the same question: Why not create a new economic system? In short Nader pointed out the problem with our system today in two words: Greed and power!

Some of Ralph Nader´s best points:
• It is what you do not buy, that is important.
• Green washing: Lip-service is often the first sign.
• Publish your best practice (read: spread knowledge).
• Shifting the focus to the end-users.

Audience question: What would you have done if you become President?
Nader: Shifting the power to people.

Never have I heard a prominent authority from the states being so critical about the states. Nader pointed that:
• United states is a third world country by western standards.
• Usama bin Ladin alone has created more jobs than six presidents (read: Terrorism is big business).

There were no lip-service or BS delivered at this lecture, only a pure sustainable force for earth.

Thanks to the facilitator of this great seminar: Legendary marketing Professor Evert Gummesson at Stockholm University where the lecture was arranged.

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Vitamin Well – are doing well

Published by on september 23, 2010

The Swedish vitamin beverage company Vitamin Well, has gone from nowhere to be seen everywhere (at least in Sweden). I think it can have a lot to do with the design of the product which gives me a feeling of being totally right. My impression is that this is a product that can have the viking dimension as exporting product.
Internationally, they will need to act like vikings if they should be able to compete with products like Glacéau Vitamin Water that has got millions of fans on Facebook.

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Before or after Christ could today equal to before or after Facebook

Published by on september 21, 2010

Before or after Christ could today equal to before or after Facebook.
Mayor Ulrik Nilsson, City of Borås

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Jim Collins updates leadership in How the Mighty Fall

Published by on september 17, 2010

I read How the Mighty Fall by mighty Jim Collins. He is one of the strongest in the business field when it comes to research. My impression of this book is that it is targeting strengths and weaknesses in American leadership (it starts out with a reflection on a workshop regarding America). In short they need to headhunt more Swedish humble CEO’s (not to BP).
Jim is updating leadership and does so by connect it to strategy over a long time period and not as business often is done today (hit and run to improve stock value or increase bonuses).

The book is built on a strong step by step model so it would not be fair to quote some of the points in those steps (recommend to read it). Here is a point by Jim that is equitable for the whole book:

There is no law of nature that the most powerful will inevitably remain at the top. Anyone can fall and most eventually do.
Jim Collins, How the Mighty Fall

In this book he gives many personal reflections that make the content of the book stick. In many ways I think Swedish and American leadership can be a successful mix.

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Customer Behavior by legend Evert Gummesson

Published by on september 14, 2010

I read The Journal of Customer Behavior (Volume 8 – 2009), topic: The global crisis and the marketing scholar by marketing legend Professor Evert Gummesson. This is partly the wittiest piece I have ever read about business and the academic world. Evert’s sharp mind has contributed a lot to the world of marketing.

If you are in a rescue boat from the Titanic you realize that it is not the best time to demand individual bonuses.
Professor Evert Gummesson, Stockholm University

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Founders Alliance: Makes entrepreneur sing opera

Published by on september 12, 2010

Founders Alliance is an network for hard core Swedish entrepreneurs. To attract audience to their Founders Awards they make some of the best entrepreneurs sing opera.

Watch this original video, it shows that even if your a hard core entrepreneur you need to have fun.

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Updated post: Testing iPad: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple?

Published by on september 10, 2010

The Testing iPad: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple? blog post got a lot of traffic and interesting comments. Most of the time I don’t respond to comments about my English because I am a dyslectic blogger but this post got a lot of kind responds – from all over the world. People really like the idea in the post but did not understand it because of bad English (or maybe they were not dyslectic enough).

Updated post: With corrected English (I got help):
Today we tested one of the first iPads that arrived to Sweden. My first question is simple: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple? Why? Because a lot of Apple’s products are fun toys for big children (and kids are what we call early adapters).

Below: Original “dyslectic post”:
Did today test one of the first iPad arrived to Sweden. My first question is simple: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple? Why? Because a lot of Apple products are fun toys for big children (and kids are what we call early adopters).

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Published by on september 6, 2010

Scribd is one of the largest book sites in the world, download millions of books for free at

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Published by on september 4, 2010

In every city in the world there are some outgoing personalities who functions as local social media (long before Facebook and even the Internet). Walter got that personality and he is also an entrepreneur. He is now starting to spread his ambitions online city by city. Walter´s goal is to connect people by introducing Doing business by sharing your personality can make you become a millionaire (at least in relations, to begin with).

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