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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated 29 August 2010

Published by on augusti 29, 2010

1. Testing iPad: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple?
2. Does love sell more than sex?
3. How powerful is
4. Save the world with books
5. The Google city is born (video)
6. Facebook movie vs. anti-T-shirts (video)
7. A four hour lecture in 30 minutes
8. UFC + Marines = Targeting warriors (video)
9. Lectures on relevance of social media
10. From YouTube to YouPorn

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Crush It with Gary Vaynerchuk

Published by on augusti 27, 2010

Some people you meet, stick in to your mind, Gary Vaynerchuk got that kind of unique personality. Did meet him at Gulltaggen where he hold a great speech (see photo). I read his book Crush It and it got the same stick it flavor. Basically the book is about his journey to greatness and life choices he done (I have to double credit his parents for giving us this nature talented speed machine).

The book got me to reinvent the way I think about social media.
Here is my best take a way:
• No one else got my DNA.
• Getting people to talk is the whole point.
• Lots of people can play piano, but not everyone can be Billy Joel.
• You have to think about building your brand in terms of a marathon, not a sprint.
• Creating community is about starting conversations.
• Being willing and able to adapt and change.
• Get a fire under the brand.

Read sample chapter (pdf) for free of Crush It.

Gary’s Wine Library Tv is witty and Gary is the languages make you taste the wine only by watching his show and listen to wine praise as: “This is rocking my socks off…”

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A lot of people aren’t willing to embrace that they have a problem unless they also believe that there’s a solution

Published by on augusti 26, 2010

A lot of people aren’t willing to embrace that they have a problem unless they also believe that there’s a solution.
Seth Godin, Quote from blog post: Sell the problem.

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Download free books about social media – recommended by Euro RSCG

Published by on augusti 22, 2010

The global agency network, Euro RSCG does on recommended books about social media. It is for free download books here: Seth Godin (pdf), Chris Anderson, Brian Solis and Stefan Engeseth (pdf) and more (ore in Spanish).

A small selection of books, manuals and guides free (and recommended) on marketing, with particular emphasis on publications that can help us optimize our presence in social media.

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Mayor roll out free wifi to Kiwi fans

Published by on augusti 20, 2010

Jack Yan offers modern thinking for Kiwi fans in Wellington (if they vote for him as mayor). By being innovative in finding finance, he reaches out to inhabitants how wants to be connected:

No money is changing hands: instead, the companies, such as Apple, are paying Starbucks for the opportunity to get new business.
 And if Starbucks can do it, why can’t Wellington City?

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Daniel Pink: Motivation vs. purpose

Published by on augusti 18, 2010

This animated video speech is really good based on the book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink. Credit lecture/animation: The RSA and Cognitive Media.

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Chris Anderson: the Free book

Published by on augusti 16, 2010

I read Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson. After attending Chris’s lecture on the topic of free I understood that it is a sensitive topic to talk about. It seems that money is the religion of capitalism. Or as Chris points it out in his book: “Free is not quite as simple–or as destructive–as it sounds.”

Here are some of my favorite points from the Free book:
• …with trust comes traffic.
• When you have no money, $0.00 is a very good price.
• Free may be the best price, but it can’t be the only one.
• Bits want to be free.
• Free is just a matter of when, not if.
• Sooner or later you will compete with free.

Chris is a big thinker and he refers to others such as Abraham Maslow and Adam Smith which makes Chris’s perspective richer and deeper (free sources for his book).

In the book Chris points out the value of attention and reputation – he has a lot of both because of his track-record of work (more to come).

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Change minus internal support equals to confused business

Published by on augusti 12, 2010

Change minus internal support equals to confused business

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Make Steven Wade a part of SAAB top management team

Published by on augusti 9, 2010

The Saabs United Award is one of the best SAAB-news I have heard for a long time. It sounds like the top management now are start to recognize their true costumer tribe leader chief Steven Wade.
It is an good start but I don’t think it is enough – they need to change their DNA as a corporation (let fans drive the SAAB brand and not only buy solutions that they not are involved in). Why not invite Steven Wade to be a part of the top management team?

The Saabs United Trophy consists of a model of Saab’s first car, Ursaab, mounted on a plinth together with an unlikely partner – a boomerang. This was presented to Jonsson by Wade when protracted discussions for the sale of Saab were successfully concluded. “It is people like Steven and many thousands of Saab fans around the world who really deserve such an award,” said Jonsson. “In a way, you could say I am returning it, which seems quite appropriate.

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Save the world with books

Published by on augusti 3, 2010

Did order books that out of print at Amazon but they did got it in the used section. One of them arrived in perfect condition from:

World of Books recycles books on behalf of charities and makes a contribution of around 10% of its turnover on an annual basis.

Really great idea, charities with books. I have to many books (they have taken over my apartment).
Why not make it 100% to charity?

Here is how it could work:

1. Work with an famous charity brand.

2. Put an empty shopping basket outside my door.

3. Pick it up and empty it in a book-bus.

4. Connect me with the result you achieve – so I can buzz about it (ore give me four empty baskets to my nab-ours).

5. Make me buy some of the books you sell so I can give them back again.

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