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Video: Will the force be strong with Steve Jobs?

Published by on juli 29, 2010

Apple founder Steve Jobs have been busy defending the iPhone 4, which has been mired in problems since before its launch. The latest scandal to crop up, dubbed ‘antennagate’, is so-named because the phone’s antenna gets poor reception if the phone is held the wrong way. Watch Jobs try and convince the world it’s not a big deal in this animation.

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Inception: Hollywood need Malcolm Gladwell

Published by on juli 26, 2010

I watched Inception. It could have been a master movie but its clear that Hollywood really need some new talent. For some while ago I got an request to be sort of “marketing advisor” in a big movie production – it could have been a fun to do consulting for more than a year – here they should have done the movie (secret witch movie it was). But after watching Inception I understand that the problem is not to ad ore spice up an boring movie with some marketing creative ideas. It is better to ad good talented people from the beginning, next time I will recommend them to hire Malcolm Gladwell he is extremely good in telling a story so you want to spread it – it sticks in the audience mind and like his book it is so genius smart put together that you have to tell your friends.

Watch the trailer, Hollywood’s talent today is only enough to produce trailers (I am not the only wane to criticize their lack of creativity – here is Swedish Fredrik Strage article).

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Bent and brand it like Beckham

Published by on juli 22, 2010

I read Brand it Like Beckham by Andy Milligan. Beckham did kick the boll and bent it around the defense. I think that could be an great way of score goal with branding, so I did read Andy Milligan’s latest book.
Some of my favorite point in this book is:

The world loves Beckham not merely for what he does, but for who he is.
Beckham is a legend, and legends sell.

I have to ad that David Beckham looks better than most super models and that probably could have something to do with his success. But without his personal charm that could be an disadvantage for him. David’s big heart for football is pure love and love is easy to buy into.

Author information about the book:

There is no one quite like David Beckham: brilliant footballer, dedicated athlete, fashion model, global icon and all-round celebrity. But Beckham the brand? Well, yes. This book shows David Beckham in a new light: as a man who has harnessed his skills and his growing fame to market himself in the same professional and disciplined way that a successful company markets its brand.
Andy Milligan

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Facebook movie vs. anti-T-shirts

Published by on juli 19, 2010

Being a big brands is the same as having fans and guaranty to have an % anti fans. For Facebook this is means new challenges. When more and more people are start dressing up in anti-T-shirts with the message: Die Facebook die (see picture). They have to add new values into their brand, like adding new user groups. A good way of doing so could be to produce a movie about their history. In this way people will start to think about history more than the future (do ore die). As they say in the movie promotion: ”You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies…”

The new trailer includes many of the same terse quotes we’ve been hearing in the teaser trailers — ”Is there anything that you need to tell me? — but with the footage to accompany them. As would be expected, the trailer is loaded with scenes of Jesse Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg (I especially like the last clip of him), Justin Timberlake’s Sean Parker, with appearances from the Winklevoss twins, Dustin Moskovitz, and more. The movie is slated for release October 1 2010.

Watch The Social Network Trailers.
Thanks to my social friend Jack Yan (we are added on Facebook).

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Does love sell more than sex?

Published by on juli 16, 2010

I read Buyology by Martin Lindstom. In his book Martin digs deep into the question if sex is really selling or not. The short answer is no, not in any level near what most people think. Sex has been the shortcut to attention in advertising since the beginning. What Martin discovers in his massive brain research is that sex gets strong attention but it takes over the attention from both the product and the brand. In other words the sex-shortcut is crowded and does not get brands where they like to end in consumers’ brains.

Emotions are one of the most powerful forces in driving what we buy.
Martin Lindstom, Buyology

For brands it changes the approach a lot. It is like the old saying or singing:

I won’t have sex with you but I would like to make love with you!

Back to the question: Does love sell more than sex? Love attracts more sophisticated attention which does not take over – instead it leads to something (no not sex, but selling products/services and establish brands). My interpretation of Buyology is that love could sell more if the people working with branding discover the power of amore. I will send this blog post to Martin Lindstrom and hope that he will answer the question: Does love sell more than sex?
Have to point out that the book Buyology is not about sex (did it take your attention?). It is more about why we buy. Martin Lindstrom is one of most hard working persons in the branding industry. His books, lectures and consulting challenge how things are done – and ads new insights. This time he digs into Neuromarketing and uses science to discover how our brain is working (or not). Which I suggest it could be renamed as “brainding.”

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Schoolteacher is a more complex role than to be a CEO

Published by on juli 13, 2010

Schoolteacher is a more complex role than to be a CEO.
CEO Jörgen Wahl, (source:

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The cost of entry is lower, and the access to the market is greater…

Published by on juli 11, 2010

The cost of entry is lower, and the access to the market is greater…
Seth Godin

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Smart commercial from Oras

Published by on juli 9, 2010

Watch this smart commercial from Oras.

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Sweet and fun commercial from Air New Zealand

Published by on juli 7, 2010

Watch this sweet and fun commercial from Air New Zealand.

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We need to feed more people!

Published by on juli 1, 2010

Recently at a recently lecture for World Public Relations Forum did some wane in the audience ask: Why do you need a brand for Stockholm? The answer from the speaker was straight forward:

We need to feed more people!
Director of Communications Hanna Brogren, the City of Stockholm

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