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Evolutionary economics vs. future

Published by on juni 28, 2010

History is full of knowledge produced by big thinkers.

If the change occurs constantly in the economy, then some kind of evolutionary process must be in act, and there has been a proposal that this process is Darwinian in nature.
Richard Nelson and Sidney Winter

History is also a construction of its context. Future is more interesting than history, still we have a tendency to get stuck in our history. That might be the reason for why we still have T-Rex’s running around in business life. In other words, evolutionary economics have become stuck in old economical models.

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Matilda Wendelboe is dressing up Cradle to Cradle

Published by on juni 25, 2010

A small group of friends of friends met up this week to have an exclusive personal fashion show with clothes designer Matilda Wendelboe. I did not know before I attended that she had the ambition to produce and work with the Cradle to Cradle concept. But since the organizer of this event was Stuart Pledger I should have understood that it would have something to do with environmental thinking. Stuart is so passionate about sustainability that he spontaneously dressed up as a model this evening.
For designer Matilda Wendelboe, the textiles clothes are made of is like delicious vintage wine and she is the wine expert full of history and knowledge about each type of material. Her design is sensual and feminine with strong colors which matche nature. She is also now starting to design clothes for men – so we don’t need to look like were dressing up for an funeral anymore.
The genius inventor of the concept of Cradle to Cradle Design is Dr. Michael Braungart. I have a strong feeling Dr. Michael soon will be dressing up in Matilda Wendelboe’s wonderful fashion.

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Shopping becomes Artisation with Anthony Mills

Published by on juni 23, 2010

Few people have the creativity as artist does, even less has the ability to combine the art way of thinking with entrepreneurship – Anthony Mills are one of does few how got that talent. He is always exploring opportunities for his art to grow into new territories – so it feels naturally that he do work with an outdoor company to explore where no boundaries can take him and his art. did art of shopping yesterday by letting Anthony creating art of their products.
I call it Artisation when advertising it self is becoming art, ore as in this case art becomes advertising.

For shops and property owners share is the art a way to show that you want more than just sell what you actually sell – which sells itself.
Article by Jenny Damberg,

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Scientific proof: Consensus reduce creativity

Published by on juni 18, 2010

For a long time I have a strong sense of that consensus are reducing creativity. In an scientific based book called Group Creativity: Innovation through Collaboration did by Paul B. Paulus (Editor), Bernard A. Nijstad (Editor). In this book did I find this proof:

Reduced creativity in groups is also a by-product of the desire of consensus.

Here is 150 pages in this book for free.

In the Swedish culture are the consensus dimension strong, so strong that few radical idea survive the consensus filter. At the same time Swedes are innovative like few others (but without the consensus reducing filter they would be much more creative in my opinion).

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Day 2 at World Public Relations Forum

Published by on juni 16, 2010

There are few business fields that are open for constructive criticism. The public relation (PR) business is one such field who let me give out my latest book “The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising” at World Public Relations Forum. 400 professionals attended from 21 countries. Since my book is about the fall of PR I was not sure about how the message would be taken. The books where given for free, placed at a table and those who wanted it could pick them up by them self.
Impressively around 450 books where taken – I even got to sign the book to a lot of PR professionals! One prominent speaker, CEO Peter Ingman at MyNewsdesk recommended my book to the audience.
Even if I am critical to the PR field of expertise I would like to quote speaker Brian Solis:

PR is only dying if it’s not evolving…

I will get back with reflections on other speakers´ content – first I have to call those who did not believe that I would “survive” this controversial meeting of opinions.
Thanks to the arranger the Swedish Public Relations Association, audience and speakers at World Public Relations Forum for two inspiration days (Flicker photos).

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Day one at World Public Relations Forum

Published by on juni 14, 2010

A good picture says more than thousand words. Brian Solis does deliver more than thousand “social media speakers.” Why?

Well, I got the honor to be in the same picture as Brian today. I have to get back to reflect on his excellent lecture today at World Public Relations Forum (great people and seminar). I got an exclusive interview with Brian. One reason for why he is so popular in Sweden is that he is one of the most humble American “gurus” we ever seen.

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Mother earth is the Mother dot

Published by on juni 12, 2010

In management there is an expression: Connecting the dots.
It is more or less about how everything is or should be connected in
an organization.
In nature I think there is only ONE dot, Mother earth (which
everything is centered around).

Organizations such as Apple is center around one person:

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and everything else is centered around the Mother DOT, Mother earth.

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Don’t miss World Public Relations Forum

Published by on juni 8, 2010

Next week on the 14-15 June the conference World Public Relations Forum will take place in Stockholm. The theme for the conference is communicative organizations.
Speakers are from around the world, I especially look forward to hear Brian Solis (he is one of the sharpest minds in PR). There are still some tickets left. I will attend at the conference and blog.

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Bloggers illustrated on t-shirts from Forever 21

Published by on juni 6, 2010

Many bloggers are well known online, but not in the offline word. Forever 21 are changing it by producing new t-shirt with illstrations of famous bloggers. With this t-shirt can everyone feel that they are an blogger in worldclass. This maye be one of the first step of many in connecting bloggers more to the offline world. Did find the story at Sofia Hedström blogg, a Swedish fashion blogger on (not on t-shirt yet).

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Published by on juni 4, 2010

Some sites look great, others feels great: does both. It is created by Code and Theory.

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