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Published by on maj 31, 2010

I held a lecture for young PR students and professionals at Communicare in Sundsvall. My lecture was based on my latest book: ”The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising.” For young students studying PR my message The fall of PR may not have been a positive one. I tried to deliver the lecture in a context of rebooting PR (adding innovation and change management into the future of PR). I think it was well received because they were positive even after my lecture. The seminar days where crowded and full of good speakers such as the well known swedish PR professional and blogger Jerry Silfwer, who pointed out that that up into now PR has been used for to main reason:

Get me IN the news.
Get me OUT of the news.
Jerry Silfwer,

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Military using marketing as psychology weapon

Published by on maj 28, 2010

The Swedish military is now recruiting copywriter to their in-house agency. The purpose is as clear as always in the military world:

Psychological warfare is the newest of the Armed Forces rapid reaction unit. This new unit is working with psychological operations, which aim to influence the behaviors and attitudes of a target audience. This unit will base their work on classical marketing methods tailored to a military environment.
Swedish Armed Forces

To work with Psychological warfare is nothing new – what I think is interesting is the timing, after getting strong criticism regarding leadership (because of critical incidents abroad) they are now recruiting marketing professionals. This in-house agency need to be in top condition and ready for the mental marketing war (and peace).

Swedish military duty has up into now been obligatory (not based on a free choice), but this is changing right now and to attract new recruitment they have started a range of innovative price winning advertising (

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Why Internet entrepreneurs on an island need to work global

Published by on maj 24, 2010

Last Friday I had the honor of being one of the speakers for a newly formed group of entrepreneurs called Web & IT Bar Gotland at the location of Science Part Gotland. Living on an island internet is a perfect platform for business (no traveling needed). However, it is essential for these Internet entrepreneurs to connect in the offline world in order to develop and inspire each other. This was the reason why, the passionate Internet entrepreneur, Per Nilsson, 1SprintProjects started this group. The speaker before me is one of the founders of who explained that their company was “Born Global.”. In my opinion every Internet company with the right ambition should be born global to really foster the true nature of Internet!

Internet is a link economy.
Founder Björn Milton,

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SodaStream creates colorful sustainability with Karim Rashid

Published by on maj 21, 2010

Karim Rashid is one of our times most talented designers. He is channeling his talent through many different fields, this time he is setting his mark on SodaStream – so consumers can carbonate water trough his magic and fun design.

Soda Stream is one of the world biggest brands in home carbonation system.
Video from the product release/collaboration event.

Here is some more sustainability facts that builds the demand for an alternative to buy water bottles:

• The average consumer consumes 600 cans or bottles of beverages and sparkling water each year.
• In 2008 worldwide consumers wasted over 2.7 million tons of plastic used for manufacturing water bottles.


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Theory slaughter at Unplugged Speeches™ by Göran Adlén

Published by on maj 20, 2010

Göran Adlén made success today at the third round of a crowded Unplugged Speeches™. The topic of his lecture was Theory slaughter. Both Kotler and Porter ended up under his sharp butcher knife today. It is easier to write a book than to sum up Göran’s lecture. Göran Adlén is one of the best speakers in Scandinavia (I think and hope he will be an export product soon). The world needs sharp minds who can make a difference and point out how the business world can move forward.

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Sustainable drinking helps the world

Published by on maj 20, 2010

A good name, design and sustainable tribe building from the inside and out by LemonAid.

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Sustainable innovation of watches

Published by on maj 18, 2010

Pour water in this cans and it will show the time for 6-12 month. In other words a cool sustainable innovation of watches.

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This book is a mental flower shop

Published by on maj 16, 2010

Many times are the buzz around the book bigger than the book, but not this time. Did get this amazing book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma from an amazing friend.
Here is some of the strong points in the book:
• Positive habits will create results.
• Dance in the rain ore build a new business.
• I´m no longer in the world. The world is in me.

This book is a mental flower shop
Stefan Engeseth

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A four hour lecture in 30 minutes

Published by on maj 12, 2010

After my lecture at GoOpen did a technician came up to me and gave me his opinion on my intensive lecture:

A four hour lecture in 30 minutes.
Unknown technician

I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s fun and I wish I could say thank you, but I was so taken about how well it was boiled down – thanks! Do admire how technicians find the point in a massage and sort of deliver it as a computer code free of BS.
The seminar GoOpen was really good and full of 300 Open Source fans from Norway.
ONE of my messages was that Open Source not should be only about software it should be about our society and if Norway would be the first land in the world to become an Open Source society they will make history.

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Published by on maj 10, 2010

I saw the inspiring theatre act “Flow” performed by Anna Linda Hultström. Anna is not an actor and that my be the reason for why she is not “acting” on stage. She is Anna and that is what’makes it so real. She takes us through a journey of her interpretation of what flow is or should be like and I like it a lot. Life should be like a long lasting flow where we should flow and grow. Check out and export Anna so the world can flow.

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