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Selling swimming-pools with sharks

Published by on april 16, 2010

Well, I agree that it’s not a good idea to sell swimming pools with sharks in them. In marketing their pools Folkpool is pointing at the fact that oceans have sharks and that it is therefore not safe to swim in the ocean. Their solution is of course to buy a pool instead since they are shark free (great point).
What not so great is that in their postcards you can see an authentic great white shark swimming beside a kid and that feels a bit unethical.

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Why not

Published by on april 14, 2010

Yesterday I was at a seminar focusing in Economic and Regional Growth. Manly it focused on innovation as the mayor solution to growth business and create jobs.
There were some really good speakers, as Cecilia how has a really good mental question to everyone that questioning if things are possible to do. And a farmer how works with nature and not against it (his fifth generation farmer). Also I found it interesting in how politicians and entrepreneurs look differently on innovation and the languages they use – but both want growth – why not.

Why not
Designer, Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical Design

As a farmer there is no negotiation with nature
Farmer, Patrik von Corswant

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Tiger Woods vs. Tonya Harding

Published by on april 12, 2010

In this excellent commercial from Nike does Tiger Woods dad Earl Woods asks him a few questions before Tiger’s return to golf. Smart to stick with the Tiger (Resumé).
Tiger did behave badly. I think the effect of his behavior depends on the sport. When Tonya Harding behaved badly it become the success factor of figure skating as an commercial sport.
Personally I have played table-tennis a fun sport but the culture in the sport really badly need stars with badly behavior to attract commercial attention.

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Stay happy with Nick Vujicic

Published by on april 10, 2010

Watch this strong and wonderful video with Nick Vujicic.

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Testing iPad: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple?

Published by on april 8, 2010

This blog post got a lot of traffic. Most of the time I don’t respond to comments about my English because I am a dyslectic blogger but this post got a lot of kind responds – from all over the world. People really like the idea in the post but did not understand it because of bad English (or maybe they were not dyslectic enough).

Updated post: With corrected English (I got help):
Today we tested one of the first iPads that arrived to Sweden. My first question is simple: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple? Why? Because a lot of Apple’s products are fun toys for big children (and kids are what we call early adapters).

Below: Original “dyslectic post”:
Did today test one of the first iPad arrived to Sweden. My first question is simple: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple? Why? Because a lot of Apple products are fun toys for big children (and kids are what we call early adopters).

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UFC + Marines = Targeting warriors

Published by on april 6, 2010

I really don’t like wars. But I have to admit that this is the best campaign I ever seen in the field for military recruitment. It is an excellent combination between the Marines and UFC. Why? UFC is targeting people how are interested in martial arts/fighting and the Marines are looking for fighters.

One group proven in the Octagon™. The other proven in all four corners of the earth. Every warrior’s journey begins with the first step. Do you have what it takes to start yours as one of America’s few.

This video is a bit violent but it shows how UFC fighting stars are testing military martial arts.
Even if I don’t like wars I like that the military context is full of concrete context (not much BS).

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Published by on april 4, 2010

A lot of artist don’t like to be commercial ore don’t know to be successful. I think Blue Man Group will be a school for artist to change their art to green dollars. Their sort of taken away their ego and put in commercial happy art in to their commercial package, they sort of going from blue to green. Because of the masks the artist can be changed ore cloned to perform in 1000 places at the same time and be of any gender ore rase.

Blue Man Group is best known for its widely popular theatrical shows and concerts that combine music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to produce a totally unique form of entertainment.

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Fun vs. serious

Published by on april 2, 2010

Stavros Flatley meets Lord of the Dance.

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