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Best of Gulltaggen 2010

Published by on april 30, 2010

Best lifetime achievement: Sir Richard Branson (finally we meet).
Best speaker: Guy Kawasaki (amazing).
Best take a way: Gary Vaynerchuk (From sh*t to great).
Best presentation material: Mike Walsh and Richard St. John.
Not the best speaker: Mitch Joel (sorry).
Best audience: All the great minds I meet.

Gulltaggen 2010 was in my opinion the best Gulltaggen ever (see photos).
I got to meet, listen and interview so many great minds (going to blog about it soon).

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All system are built to fail

Published by on april 29, 2010

A system is based on control. Nature is smarter, it’s based on an evolution process.
All system are built to fail. Why? It constructed on the logical knowledge from our history. In presence it will easily be attack by anyone how sees the system construction (as hackers does). In other words any computer ore security system in the world is a walk in the park as long it has a system. What to do? Build an process that changes is being in relation with other process. I don’t believe todays computers have the capacity for this now but soon they will, but then they need a totally new softwares that takes them into the same way changing everything in an ongoing process as in nature.

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The world becomes smaller at Globe Forum

Published by on april 27, 2010

Smaller because more or less, people from the whole world are participating. When people from around the world meet like this with a common goal a lot of energy is focused. The clear and well motivated goal of Globe Forum is to ”Save the planet with sustainable solutions”. Most green seminars are more or less geek parties, but not this one. One of the reasons are speakers like chief Oren R. Lyons. To create something as bold as the Globe Forum there must be a strong and result oriented leader heading the way.

Globe Forum founder and CEO, Johan Gorecki, is worth respect and credibility for his work. Over the years the Globe Forum has awarded sustainable innovations by the Globe Award. Now the winner of this year’s award for the most sustainable city, Curitiba in Brazil, is beaming over winning the ”prèmio nobel verde”.

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Top 10 posts – updated 26 April 2010

Published by on april 26, 2010

1. The Google city is born (video)
2. Testing iPad: Will Toys”R”Us buy Apple?
3. UFC + Marines = Targeting warriors (video)
4. From iPad to iCat (video)
5. Tiger Woods vs. Tonya Harding (video)
6. From YouTube to YouPorn
7. Lectures on relevance of social media
8. Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? (video)
9. Exclusive interview with Emanuel Rosen
10. Why Barack Obama will not be re-elected as president and how he could

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Published by on april 25, 2010

Meet Sir Richard Brandson, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Ballmer (Video), Stefan Engeseth (audience), Kjell A. Nordström and 50 speakers/leading minds at Gulltaggen.
Last year I attended at the conference and got good networking and inspiration out of it. This year Gulltaggen (27th – 29th April) are focusing on strategy, creativity, innovation and new business models. I will get back with highlights from the conference.

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Video: Next iPhone corrects design mistake

Published by on april 24, 2010

In this video are the next iPhone model shown.
Finally are Apple correcting one of their biggest design mistakes.

The mistake was to not have a protecting cover to the iPhone.
Today iPhone users are using ugly protections such as socks etc to cover what should be a great design. This video is showing a plastic solution to protect the iPhone and its design.
Not sure if I believe in the “don’t drink and phone” story that is spreading around online (Resumé).
But if it is true, I have for years pointed out that the Apple corporate culture is is the only religion with a locked church. Their “think secret” way of operate kills fan spirit external and make believers internal (employees) to break out of the straitjacket. Employees on the inside who like to connect with their fans have no choice than to bend the rules, in this case it includes drinking.
I think Apple has to open up their church and let consumers in – the key to open the doors is Open Source.

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Will Geely introduce military punishment to Volvo?

Published by on april 22, 2010

I really wish this was a bad joke. Even more I wish Volvo see this before it is to late.

Full authorization, strict management, clear assessment, clear rewards and punishment is an important part of corporate culture in Geely… The military highly-efficient implementation culture we will create is a kind of implementation culture with rule, law-abiding and full of combat effectiveness. We, all Geely employees are executor of militarization highly-efficient implementation.
Board Chairman, Li Shufu Talked About the Development Direction of Enterprise Culture

Every word is an direct quotation from

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TEDx event 24 april in Stockholm

Published by on april 20, 2010 is the best platform in the world, when it comes to meet and listen to the best speakers in the world.
Topic of the TEDx event 24 april in Stockholm is meetings! More information and tickets at Tedxhumlegå (I do have the honour to be one of the speakers).

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Published by on april 19, 2010

Did test a new speech topic: Beyond climate control: A new business field at Junior Chamber International spring congress. Great audience = great respond. Think I will test this more in the future, was a bit anxious that the topic was a bit to “cynical” business view – did stop the lecture in the middle and ask them if this was to much – but instead they wanted more.
As a speaker it is invaluable to have an great audience, think that is one strong reason for why American speaker are so great, they have the best audience in the world.
Thanks also for my super mentor Claes Andréasson how gave us an creative an inspiring lecture/book: Viking Manifesto (how to build a brand like an viking).

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From iPad to iCat

Published by on april 18, 2010

Thanks to Creative Lead Peter Blom, Jadestone for sending this chamfull video.

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