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A platform for the next generations Nobel prize winners

Published by on februari 28, 2010

The Nobel Prize is connecting the next generation of scientists by working with corporations as Honeywell. To create a tribe you have to build it for generations to come, the native indians did understand this, but few corporations does – that is why I like this initiative.

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Victor Muller: SAAB’s will be SAAB’s again

Published by on februari 24, 2010

Finally: “Spyker Cars finalizes the purchase of Saab Automobile,”

In this deal I think Victor Muller has shown to be an excellent tribe leader. Listen to this quotes from the video below:

The main thing we need to change: We need to give our costumers the clear message, that SAAB’s will be SAAB’s again. The company has lost it’s DNA over the past years and that has cost its costumers to turn its back on it….We are not looking for new costumers, were just looking for getting our own costumers back.

In this video do the corporate leaders thanks their fans. One of them is Steven Wade, how did fly al the way from Australia to attend at this tribe meeting. Here is his own emotional words:

Last night I went to a big celebration dinner at the Grand Hotel here in Stockholm. There were about 50 people present in one of the most beautiful dining rooms I’ve ever seen. It was totally surreal, like watching a scene in a very ornate movie with suited people, frescoed walls and complete with a snowfallen city backdrop.

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If you think training is expensive, try ignorance

Published by on februari 23, 2010

If you think training is expensive, try ignorance.
Peter Drucker

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Creativity + invitation = Future

Published by on februari 19, 2010

The future is what you make of the creative opportunities that are unexploited. History is rich in innovations, but the market requires constant innovation and development. Where is the next generation of innovation? Who carries the ideas that will create employment and international competitiveness now that the number of patents is approaching retirement?
How do you create a company that is creative? Who are some of the major players? How can conservative companies open up for creativity and talent? All this and more we intend to explore in the next Unplugged Speeches™.

Lecture by creativity researcher Farida March 9
Farida is a PhD/researcher at the University of Lund, who´s thesis became successful. After five years of research, she managed to prove the link between the psychological wellbeing of the staff how they are performing creatively. It resulted in headlines such as ”A creative environment gives double profit” and ”Creativity will benefit both staff and business” in Di, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, SVT, DiTV, NyTeknik. Today she is one of Scandinavia’s most popular speakers on the subject of creativity. For the first time, she will now try Unplugged Speeches™. Farida engages, evokes, and gives examples of how companies can increase their creativity. She will talk about how communication, leadership, employees and customers can influence development and performance.

Speech topics:
• What makes a company creative • Differences between male and female creativity • Why are different roles such as the Creator, Pessimist, Optimist and Cannibal needed in the workplace • Creativity Vs. Conservatism • How can a creative working environment influence stress and performance • Tips to test and enhance creativity.

Welcome to the second round Unplugged Speeches™ at Spaghettioperan Regina on 9 March. At the premiere enlisted 160 people.

Speaker: Farida. Moderator: Stefan Engeseth.
Register via Email. RSVP by 26 February.
Date: Tuesday, 9 March. At 08.00-10.00 (lecture starts 08.30).
Location: Spaghettioperan Regina, Drottninggatan 71 A.
Tickats: 15 Euros (including breakfast), plus tax.

About Unplugged Speeches™: Lectures free from PowerPoint, laser pointers and distance. The goal is to focus on the meeting and proximity to the people and the content.

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If you have a long time view, good things will follow

Published by on februari 17, 2010

If you have a long time view, good things will follow.
Kaj Arnö, chief Evangelist MySQL

Interview at the Sime conference, 2009.

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The DNA of Nokia innovation

Published by on februari 15, 2010

It’s a part of our DNA to create something new.
Pekka Pohjakallio, VP Concepting and Innovation, Nokia

Interview at the SIME conference, 2009.

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Future today?

Published by on februari 12, 2010

History is the biggest problem for the future to arrive today.

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Attention is our primary currency

Published by on februari 10, 2010

Attention is our primary currency.
Linda Stone

At the SIME conference, 2009.

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We live in an era of trial and error

Published by on februari 8, 2010

We live in an era of trial and error.
Ola Ahlvarsson, Chairman The SIME conference

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New world record in greenwash?

Published by on februari 6, 2010

This commercial video is the worst example of greenwashing I ever seen. It could be a new world record in greenwash?

One of the world’s biggest banks is to be referred to advertising watchdogs over a campaign fronted by Sir Sean Connery that highlights its green credentials. Friends of the Earth, the campaigning group, called the marketing push from Crédit Agricole “the worst example of greenwash we’ve ever seen”. (and Resumé)

It would be interesting if green organizations could use greenwash to turn bad companies green for real. Sort of washing the fake out of greenwash. If they as today only are protecting them selfs they risk to lose fans and only manage to reach hard core fans.

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