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New business field: Time

Published by on juli 30, 2009

The most valuable time in life is time.
Even more valuable than gold.
So why is not the business world making and selling time?
Well making life longer is already big business. Why? Because of big demand and there is no one alive to complain if it doesn’t work.
A more serious part of digging gold in the time business field is softwares. Here are some ideas: Making softwares that lets users of electronic massage take control over their time. Why not make an email software application that allows users to send their email when they want it to be sent. It could be compatible with calender softwares. This means that you can send an email to people when you like them to have it and not when you write it. Simple but useful. Like now in the summer it is more ore less waste of time to send email you only end-up in the on vacation time (instead by controlling time you can write welcome back from vacation). In organizations that operate in an need to know bases will this work perfect because of it will take it to the level the level: Need to know when you need to know it!
For SMS it would be useful for parents to get kids attention exactly at the right time.
In other words by adding value in controlling time it will and is an business field wort billions for does how offer added value to time. So what are you waiting for time is money, big money.

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Published by on juli 29, 2009

The Mexican magazine has voted site-of-day (translation).

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Published by on juli 27, 2009

If you like to take a walk on the wild road of tomorrows management. And like to know how to  drive with trail and error to include consumer power in your business – then check out They are both killing time at social platforms as their YouTube channel. It is a smart move sell watches in the position of “killing time.” Their watch on the picture is a contribute to social media and will be worth a lot of money in the future, because it says a lot of our time in the future. Airports could be a great place for them to build shops to buy the concept in (people kill time at airports so the demand is huge).

Have you ever seen a corporate video like this before? I don’t think so, but for shore it gets you thinking of the time you killing to watch it.
Thanks to Stefan Pettersson taking his time.

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Scary movies for United Airlines

Published by on juli 25, 2009

This story is nearly to good to be true. Talented musician Dave Carroll are also an consumer how know how to hit back if he is not well served. In this case he made a hit. Over 4 million viewers on YouTube.

This videos function as scary movies for all airlines corporations, not only United Airlines. I am not a musician but I often as a consumer have the feeling that employes are taking out their anger against their employer on the consumers. But when the opposite happens consumers as Dave can make songs about airlines as Southwest Airlines. It would be an good move to invite him to do so, with an costume made guitar payed for by Southwest airlines, the airline how makes consumers so happy that they start singing. They could let Fender build Dave’s new costume made guitar, others could then buy the exact guitar and with that fly with discussant if they play good music in the airplane (that will build buzz and sell guitars and unite consumers to fly with Southwest airlines).
This story journey ended up in many big news channels as Fox news.
Thanks to David Ulfstrand for informing me about this great story.

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Why Barack Obama will not be re-elected as president and how he could

Published by on juli 22, 2009

We all know that Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign was a success and in fact many people claim that they were the “brain behind the campaign.” I finally got to listen to the originally brain behind the campaign, David Plouffe, the legendary Campaign Manager for Barack Obama. As David held his lecture at Cannes Lions the room was full of media and around 1000 people who attended the lecture. David’s speech was as remarkable as his work.

Here are some of David Plouffe’s best points in his lecture:
“The grassroots and technology married together.”
“It was the connection between millions of americans and Barack Obama that built the camping.”
“There is nothing more valuable than people talking with people.”

A point that David should have delivered but didn’t:
John F. Kennedy said: “Fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” David should have said: “What can 10 million connected Americans do for the world?”

Why Barack Obama will not be re-elected as president
My first question was this: The campaign was great with the grassroots that you created with the 10 million Americans who signed up to get involved. But they have now grown into a forest of changes. How are you going to use this forest that now is demanding changes? David said, we are going to keep talking directly with them and get them involved in the dialogue. My next question: well, thats good but it’s still only talk. Isn’t it time to go from talk to walk the changes? David did not answer that good, but he leaned over the stage to have a look at the person who is asking these kind of questions. I have great respect for what he has achieved so I stopped there. David continued to say something more about talking, but I still think its about doing the walking. Why? Because if you talk about changes and people signed up for “Yes we can change,” then they are expecting and waiting for the changes to happen. And if the changes don’t come they will not re-elect Barack Obama in the next upcoming president election, and four years goes very fast.

How Barack Obama could be re-elected as president
I understand that the political machinery is full of lies and that people are bound to a legal system created by lobbyists. In that kind of context it is not easy to create any kind of change that is more than a political lipstick and Barack Obama doesn’t use lipstick. A good marketer as David knows that we today live in an transparent society. That was one of the reason he could build up the presidential campaign with social media and get the truth out to the people. But transparency goes both ways, the voters are now looking for the changes that they have voted for.
Here is my solution: Stop talking about changes, stop talking about excuses for why change can’t happen. Start walking hand in hand with the 10 million Americans who signed up for change to happen. It has never happen before that a president has direct connection with 10 million people who sign up for spreading the word. Give them a list of 1000 things to change (let at least half of the list be their own suggestions). None of the changes should be based on any more talking, instead start walking in a direction.
Use the fantastic campaign strategy to get people involved. Give them a story that will make them see themselves as a part of the White House. Base the story on the true story: today’s politic is so infected of lies that it is impossible to create any real changes inside the system, therefore we need YOU to be part of the system by doing the right thing for your country. Don´t ask what America can do for you ask what can 10 million connected Americans do for the world? Don´t spread the world, be the world by walking the talk to change! Yes we are changing the system by being the system!

Fellow Americans, ask what your 10 million connected Americans do for the world?
Stefan Engeseth.

I do understand that David did not have the time to think about his answer and that he never could believe that anybody would question him at this stage of his success, but it is a short matter of time before media is starting to ask “What did they change?” And then it is a to late if expected changes are not delivered. Some Americans that I talked with afterwards said that David is soon going to start work with the re-election campaign for Barack. I hope it is not to late and that he uses his successful of social media to create change step by step on the walk to real changes and not more talk.

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News for this blog: Follow us also on Twitter ore subscribe email

Published by on juli 20, 2009

This bloggs feed can now be followed on Twitter: @engesethsblog ore by subscribe email. Our blog are till using RSS, which sometimes has over 30.000 users a month.

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One picture worth more than 10.000 books?

Published by on juli 18, 2009

The old saying: A picture says more than thousand words. Seems like it never will get old. I found that the picture below says even more than 10.000 books. In web statics it gets more traffic than anything else. Why? I think it is because this picture explain the story of the 10.000 free books.

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Will Google, CEO, Eric Schmidt, build Google Downtown?

Published by on juli 15, 2009

If you are CEO of the probably smartest companies on earth, then you probably are pretty smart. As you understand I am talking about Google and their Global CEO, Eric Schmidt. I met him at the Cannes Lions where he held a lecture. I have been studying and writing about the potential of Google for many years, so it was most trilling to finally meet one of the person behind this genius corporation.
Even for mighty Google every strength is a weakness. Google’s online knowledge makes them week offline (in my opinion). An example is to bring Google AdWords into the off-line world of real life – a simple idea that could increase Google’s sales by a factor of 99% (that will make every town an shopping mall).
I asked Erik at his lecture: Why not build and Google town? His answer was as open-minded as his corporation: first he laughed but then Erik said: Often employes come in to my office and suggest ideas that are wild, and one of them are why not build a Google town. We do a lot of things but to build towns is not the focus we have right now, but if someone else would finance it we could think about it (as long as it is not our money).
After the lecture I manged to pass by media and guards to get to Erik and give him my latest book: The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising (see photo). First I open the book and showed him this idea road sign to Google Downtown, he smiled. I gave him the book and said I want to build Google Downtown and in my book I explain how it could be built. I did not have the time to mention that I even have been speaking with international building construction corporations specialized in building town for millions of people. These kind of corporations are building everything from a to z (roads, buildings, water, electricity etc). Of course I haven’t mentioned Google in my meetings with these construction corporations but I could easily present and finance the idea for how to make it happen. If Erik has the time to listen I will promise to show how I mean it could increase Google’s sales by a factor of 99%.
Some background, I did start to blog about the idea of Google town in 2007, I also have asked questions about it at seminars as Sime (2008) to local CEOs at Google. In the beginning every body laughed but with Erik it was different – he has heard about it and been thinking of it… I hope my book can persuade him to take the next step. Mentally I already live in Google town. I think I was the first person to think about about Google Downtown but that doesn’t matter, what matters is if and when it will be built.

If you are going to have an innovative culture, you have to try things that actually not work, to be innovative.
Global CEO, Eric Schmidt, Google

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Jack Yan Top 3 recommended business book

Published by on juli 14, 2009

Well known blogger Jack Yan did write a post: Recommended business and marketing books for 2009 (so far). My latest book is on that list. Feels great!

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Why blind people don’t have blind spots

Published by on juli 11, 2009

Why are blind people aware of the soundings more than people how can see? It is more than amazing how they handle everyday life. Why? They don’t have a choice. So they use al there senses to “see” everything around them. We simple don’t aware of how amazing our other senses are before we really need them. To prove this point, here is a one minute workshop? Close your eyes for one minute and listen to everything around you. Soon you will here more than you did before. Why? Because you focus more on listening and don’t relay on what you can see. It is not rocket since, we adjust to the situation. Still when I do this one minutes workshop with top management they always get chocked that it is that simple. Then I ask them to do the same with their corporations. Why? Big corporations don’t listen because they don’t ned to (at least they think so). By training to listen more to what the market are demanding they will minimize their blind spots. Another dimension of the blind spot is to discover what’s in the blind spots (one of our consulting services).

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