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Published by on april 28, 2009

The first day of Gulltaggen in Norway was really nice. My hero of the day was Matias from Farfar. He is a big name in Sweden but internationally he is the Elvis of the new media world. Here is a good one-liner from the “king:”

Being humble is not a good way of driving change.
Matias Palm Jensen, Creative President, Farfar

Microsoft is not a humble brand in anyway – but for shore a successful corporation. Speaker Gerry McGovern did mention that they have 10 million web pages but 3 million of them have never got a single visiter! He did point out that “It’s not a Long Tail, it’s a dead zone.” One thing I never will understand is that we always talk about different countries online while Internet is global. Here is a good point in that dimension: “You can’t do anything today without being global, you can not choose were the users are from.” Lars Bastholm, Chief Digital Creative Officer, Ogilvy North America.

Many times I miss the strategic dimension in the “hot consumer engagement trends” presented. The problem is well summed up with this point:

Most brands don’t know what they stand for.
Yoni Kish, Group VP Strategy, McCann Erickson Israel

Yoni also did point out the fact that we have to go back to basic. On the one hand most speakers agreed on going back to basic, focus on key features offered to consumers and on the other hand try new stuff, let go of control and let the consumers really show you what work’s and not.

I look forward for the next day’s seminar with speakers as Chris Anderson and Seth Godin.

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Published by on april 27, 2009

If you like to read news about social media I strongly recommend Brian Solis blog He is passionated like few in the topic of social media.

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Advertisers admit that consumers rule

Published by on april 24, 2009

This week was the full day seminar “Stora Annonsördagen” proceed by the Association of Swedish Advertisers. This year there was no air guitar playing onstage, but a lot of “lets invite the consumers to play in the adverting band.”
I am have been working with ONE (becoming one with the consumers) my hole life and to here it finally becoming an reality is more than unbelieving great. As the world leading expert in ONE (one of to few), I could not live in another country – Sweden is a in its culture like IKEA, humble and offering unique possibles to put life together in whatever you like it to be.
The best two speakers was Eivor Andersson, CEO, Ving Sweden and Adam Balon, Fonder, Innocent drinks. Ving is an travel corporation (part of Thomas Cook) that now lets the consumers to travel inside their brand. They do this partly by letting the voice of the consumers tell their own stories on Google Earth. This is for bloggers nothing new, but the new thing is that corporations incorporate the culture of Internet into their being as a brand. It is really great if brands finally open their doors. For a lot of brands it not about a choice its about surviving. People travel as easy as a mouse click away and for Ving its really about being that mouse click ore not.
For does how wanted to play the air guitar, here is the video from last year.

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Will The Pirate Bay produce movies?

Published by on april 20, 2009

Once up on a time Hollywood was the place where magic blockbusters movies was made. But after a to long inbreeding period, they no longer are the number 1 movie makers. Then came The Lord of the Rings, a movie so good that it chocked the world. It was authentic fiction in a way the world had not seen in modern time. So what does Hollywood do? They copy the new original and made the movie: In the Name of the King (2008). Partly it is quote well done. But with actors as Burt Reynolds, Kung-fu actor Jason Michael Statham is sort of not the same. The only actor how have credibility in this kind of context is John Rhys-Davies. More ore less it feels like a mix between Ninja Turtles and an ambition of making a serious copy of the Lord of the Rings but its more ore less plastic rings (in my opinion). But if you know your Lords rings, this movie is a lot of fun to watch (the magic wooden forest is in this version a mix between Crouching Tiger and Baywatch).
What I mean with inbreeding is that most of the movies made in Hollywood is about Hollywood and have no meaning for anybody else than the people living in Hollywood. Many of todays super-brands have the same problem as Hollywood, they dont develop near what consumers demand. Soon I think we will see the pirate copy industry making new and better brands than the original. Why are not the Pirate Bay starting to produce their own movies? The original are not worth copying anymore, they shore got the audience!

Trailer: In the Name of the King.

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Chief Oren Lyons speech make sense

Published by on april 18, 2009

oren_lyonsDid listen to Chief Oren Lyons speech today, it was arrange by his Swedish runner Stuart Pledger (se photo of us three). Oron is by fare one of the most influential persons on earth in the field of sustainability mindset. He make sense and hold speech for Davos and United Nations etc today we were 30 persons in Hammarby Sjöstad listen to his wisdom. He is in Sweden right now to work with Plantagon (check it out).

I do want to share Oren Lyons wisdom and hope, take a moment to listen to his speech in this beautiful video.

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Published by on april 16, 2009

Some of the best speakers in the world such as Seth Godin, Chris Andersen, Jeanette Liendo will be on stage at Gulltaggen in Norway, 28-29 April.

International heavyweights of digital marketing and invention for Gulltaggen 2009. Never before has so much knowledge about entrepreneurship and the Internet been gathered on Scandinavian soil.

Scandinavian produces world class Internet solutions, but not as many international gurus. These two days will be an interesting meeting between world class entrepreneurs and world class gurus. I think it’s too good to miss.

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Published by on april 15, 2009

Help the Font Police (new blog), finding bad example of fonts floating around the globe. It is a call for action, and this time it is the Font Police needing your help to choose witch doors to knock on.

Found an example of bad typography? Report it to the Font Police!

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Lego-Jesus completed this Easter

Published by on april 13, 2009

Did blog about this in 2007. Yesterday after 30.000 Lego parts is Lego-Jesus completed! I admire how this Church has open up for people to get involved. It is sort of an “open-source religion” event, everyone could put their part of believe into this monument. They have started a blog (in Swedish but with a lot of videos of the creation).

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Published by on april 12, 2009

Face the fact, is succesfull, not in trend but by numbers. Why? Because of the Tipping point of users is spreading the word, and running like tribe around the world and collecting new fans to the global tribe of Faces looking into the mirror of Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed yesterday that the social networking site has attracted 200m global users, growing by 50m in 2009 alone and doubling the number of unique monthly visitors achieved by its main rival MySpace….The figures show that in 2009 more than 500,000 people have signed up for Facebook everyday.

Mark Zuckerberg, did write about that they have grow over 200 million people (that is a lot). I am not shore if I believe in al the numbers, because of that Twitter and others are now more trendy than Facebook is (they have become old news as also Second Life and others). New hot social sites, dosent have good business models, and numbers as 500,000 new people everyday is hard fact that work in a board room.

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Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai vs. Titanic

Published by on april 8, 2009

wangari_engesethDid meet Nobel Peace Prize winner and Professor Wangari Maathai at a small exclusive lecture last week (se photo). She was excellent, and delivered so many points that they could like trees grow into a forest of green consciousness. Here are some of here best points:

We live on a planet that has “naturally” its limitations.
Conflict has and will start when we fight over resources.
Peace comes with equal resources.
The planet will adapt as it always has adapt (the problem is us, Homo sapiens).
Solution way: Reduce and recycling.

What I wanted to ask here (but did not) was this:
Titanic was wrong constructed, just like our civilization for nature. Do you think its a good point to plant trees on Titanic?
I think she would answer: Yes, it would give people hope and in worst case people can build raft and boats of the trees to save them selfs, when Titanic no longer is safe.

It is a bit cynical of me, but since she planted hope into our minds and we live in a society that is for Mother Earth “wrong” constructed we need to adapt, reduce and recycling even trees on Titanic.

The seminar was arranged by Green Cross and Rewir.

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