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David Letterman dissing John McCain

Published by on september 27, 2008

This will be classical clip forever, when David Letterman are dissing John McCain. David is delivering this sharp one-liner:

The road to the Whitehouse has always run through me.
David Letterman

It is a must see tv clip.

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Published by on september 25, 2008

Download Michael Moore new movie Slacker Uprising for free at

This is being done entirely as a gift to my fans. The only return any of us are hoping for is the largest turnout of young voters ever at the polls in November.
Michael Moore

Here is the trailer (see how he pinpoint his message). I wonder what should happen if Michael Moore moved into the Whitehouse? I to think that the creative potential that America has would once again rise.

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I Love NY vs. YOU love NY

Published by on september 24, 2008 Glaser designed the classic logo I Love New York in 1977. The love for New York has not change over the year and still is the T-shirts popular with the logo on. But the channels for doing advertising for NY has change from the one how wear the T-shirt to the viewer of the T-shirt. We live in a YOU culture where power of communication is not only one person wearing the massage but the millions that spread it around. That’s why I suggest that the T-shirt should be updated to “YOU love NY” (Milton did not have Internet around to design his classic, but you are). The T-shirt could be design: “Y Love NY” – Internet viewer now what it means (start spreading the love of NY online).

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Move ore die!

Published by on september 22, 2008

Everything in life is about moving. Everything that stands still dies. Big companies and organizations don’t see this because they live more on the inside than outside on the market. Even our body dies if we not are moving. Going to test this message on some workshops I hold this week, move ore die. Not shore how they will take it, but as I see it change is like a two-ton truck driving against anything that stands still and to many are looking in the wrong direction to see it in time. Start to ask the question are we moving ore are we dying?

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Published by on september 20, 2008

This week was the book release of the international Swedish book: The Viking Manifesto. The book has been sold in 13 countries before it been translated into Swedish. It’s strange because the authors behind the book Steve Strid and Claes Andreasson did write it in Sweden.

This book is nothing else but a wake up call for Swedish business! For 1000 years ago was the export wild, today feels some of today’s product older than the ships the Vikings use to use for export. That’s why I suggest that the Swedish publisher Optimal give it away for free so Swedish business people can ones again learn how to build boats.

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Published by on september 19, 2008

At 17 Sept it was the first Sime conference ever in Finland. Most of the Finish people are humble, maybe to humble. But the moderator of the day Ola Ahlvarsson did prove that there are few IT virgins in Finland. This year was focusing on how to get into the big money of advertising and how to be part of the big companies strategies. A lot of discussion was what I would say about the psychology/behavior of the business. Sort of saying that the business now is growing up from the fun wild stage to the stage where it can be more establish and profitable.
There were a lot of great cases and good speakers. The most exotic one was CEO, Mohamed El-Fatatry how has build a Muslim community of 2 million people sharing modern Muslim lifestyle at Thanks to Mohamed for sharing his presentation on this blog, download it here for free. It is a really good showcase how to present business point, both with passion and profit. Hannu Ripatti from did elegant show how to design a strategy (without having to wear a tie). Henrik Torstensson, Head of Business Development did give good business dimensions in how to dress in success. I think Stardoll will do success in Asia.

Sime is always playful and fun. Like this movie that they done to show how the people of an anit-Internet network think: Internot (recommend the movie but not the network…).
Finland is now official not anymore an IT virgin.

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Published by on september 17, 2008

Nature is the best designer in universe. Calfee design understands this and use real bamboo to make bountiful bikes. When are we going to see car made of bamboo? And other products from nature produced by your company?

This frame is made with bamboo fiber wrapped joints on black bamboo. The handelbars are real steer horns from Texas. The rims are birch wood from Italy laced up on Phil Wood hubs. The saddle is a leather Selle Anatomica from Wisconsin. This bike is fully ridable, plenty stiff and is for sale.

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Interview: Calle Sjönell, Creative Director, BBH New York

Published by on september 15, 2008

BBH New York launches Oasis new 2008 in the streets of NY. They did this so elegant by letting street musicians play Oasis music in NYC. One of the creators of this idea at the agency is Calle Sjönell, Creative Director. Did send this five questions in an email interview with Calle:
1. Are you an Oasis fan? If so favorite album?
Yes, What’s the story Morning Glory is the best Oasis album so far.
2. How did you come up with this idea of introducing the band without the band?
Well my brother and I was sitting talking about how boring and traditional all music releases was. We where excited about the Radiohead pricing idea and then Pelle got a crazy expression on his face and said -”What if street musicians played the music first instead of last?
3. Is NY the best place in the word to work with word of mouth?
Yes, it’s a busy place with lot’s of people and news outlets. But you need a unique idea since people are so busy.
4. How does it go with the launch of the album?
So far so good, we have generated a lot of attention and lot’s of fans are checking out the street musician version, so we have high hopes.
5. Is this sort of campaign that is going to be growing (street advertising)?
I think more people will turn to idea where people do something rather than just say
something. It’s more interesting and believable .
6. Are you a bloger your self?
I have been on and off, latest I was blogging on my bicycle company website for OkeeBikes, see We have paused the project since I moved to the US.

Relevant post on this blog: Oasis plays open source music in NYC.

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Oasis plays open source music in NYC

Published by on september 13, 2008

Not many artists has as big ego as Oasis most people say, but I think they are doing modern open source art with this project. It may not be understood today because of it is to close to our time, but it is like a hole in the mirror of presence.

Oasis is putting a new spin on how to release a record, and they’re doing it right here in New York City. On Friday, September 12, the British rock band will attend a private rehearsal as NYC street performers learn three never-before-heard songs from Oasis’ new album Dig Out Your Soul, which doesn’t hit stores ‘til October 7. From there, the multi-genre musicians–from indie rockers to jazz guitarists to a shred violinist—will take the new tunes to street corners, subways and landmarks all over the City.

Above is the map of street artists, view larger Google map.

Update: 13 October. The agency BBH New York came up with this cool idea, behind the scene:

Video: NYC Street Musicians Jam with Oasis.

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Published by on september 12, 2008

The old saying: See it and you believe it, is different with a Sekai camera. I see but I am not at al that I believe it.

Watch this video and Judge for your self, do you believe this is for real ore not? Is it the future ore is it for real today? Check it out at

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