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Published by on augusti 8, 2008

The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch RelayToday is the world ONE with China. The Olympics games starts today 080808. One World is what I dream for and it can start at

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Dave Balter: New book: Free download

Published by on augusti 7, 2008

If you like people talk about you/blog this is the book to read: Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II. Download the full book for free here. The author is CEO, Dave Balter, BzzAgent. So he knows what his talking about (ore how to get people to talk about what you like them to talk about).

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Join the Seth Godin tribe

Published by on augusti 6, 2008

The global chief of Marketing Seth Godin, is now building his own tribe. I joined the tribe and you can join it to here. But you have to be fast both to join the group and to get a copy of his next book: Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

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Published by on augusti 4, 2008

I realy like this article: Net-savvy public chisel out their own opinions on brands, by Venkatesh Rangachari. It is pointing out how consumer power changes branding.

About 10,000 miles away, a TV viewer sees an advertisement, interprets it in a different way, goes on to blog it and suddenly his interpretation is available to a lot of people. So as a brand manager, there is no longer any control. Why fight it? Just join it. Don’t be a brand manager, be a brand facilitator…..Blogs, forums and communities allow us to benefit from the views of millions of others. People are building opinions not by watching TV, but by discussing issues. They should discuss your brand and be free to play with it… to “own” it by creating their own interpretation of it and to be associated with it in a “personal” way. That’s where brand equity will be established.

Thanks to Dara Acidwalla for sending my this article.

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Cosplay: Avatars in real life

Published by on augusti 2, 2008

An avatar is not any logger an online personality it is real person. Dancing at clubs together with others dressed up as their avatar in real life. Its called Cosplay (checkout the amazing photos).
Thanks to Daniel Hjelmtorp.

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