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Bank website should be as money

Published by on juli 11, 2008

Bank website should be hard to copy and having a value as real money does. Today there websites looks like low budget and I as a costumer don’t know if it is an hacker website ore it’s a real company. The fact that this banks are worth billions and do low budget websites is a bit strange. I want them to be the best in the word, so I as a consumer can trust that they not are hacked ore don’t have the latest technology there is. Instead they are looking like easy targets for hackers and for consumers is the problem that they look hacked from the start.

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iDie, iVersion, iPod, iLife, iReport, iRobot, iEtc

Published by on juli 7, 2008

iStrange it is with al this iApple wannabes that are making their iVersion of everything. There is today an iVersion of everything. iWonder when the first funeral business will open an iDie shop. iImagine that the offer will be something like this:

iDie – what songs will you bring into your grab on the  iPod we include in our funerals.

Then after that will it be a lot of PR with famous stars – how have with their iDie song list. Witch are the most creasy iVersion you seen? Next step could be to have a website where ifriends could choose songs for you – online to your iDie iPod… music iforever in an iStrange way.

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To be ore not to be an artist

Published by on juli 7, 2008

That is the question for a lot of today’s artist, but not for Per Josephson. He is a talented artist how combines his art with good marketing. I get invitations to his event al over Sweden. His not afraid to thing out of the box and have exhibitions in shops, nightclubs etc. The question for other artist is maybe not how to be an artist it is more of how to be an artist-entrepreneur as Per. Check out his website here, it is in Swedish but art is a bigger langue.

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Purple Cow: Dance with Seth Godin

Published by on juli 5, 2008

Bilden “” kan inte visas, då den innehåller fel.For many kilos ago I use to study to become a professional dancer. Did read Seth Godin great book Purple Cow, it did bring a lot dance memories back.

Seth delivers point after point in the same way as Fred Astaire use to move at the dance floor. In this book does Seth move business by being smart and remarkable.

Watch a Seth Godin “dance lecture” here.

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Hire fat people in health food stores

Published by on juli 3, 2008

Who do you trust when you want to get rid of your overweight? Perfect genetically skinny people or fat people? I would trust people who have managed to loose weight themselves. Phrases as “I know what I am talking about” will not work unless the people behind the phrases really mean it. For example, think about Japanese food, you believe you will not gain weight and become fat eating it because Japanese people aren’t fat. So why don’t you do the same thing in health food stores? Why don’t you apply the same principle there? Let us say you hire 2000 fat people (hire a good lawyer before putting out that in an ad). The point is this: fat people have tested so many different ways of losing weight that they have stopped believing in all quick fixes. Besides, some of these fast ways of losing weight can be really dangerous too. Here is my solution:

Hire 2000 fat people and take photos of them together with the consumers in the store. Document these pictures and the dates they are taken. Then put up these authentic photos in full size in health food stores. In this way the customer who is talking with the employee will know that he or she can relate to my experiences because she/he has own experiences of loosing weight.

I know that a lot of people think this is too much, but I am also fairly sure that they haven’t been fat themselves. Drug addicts don’t trust people how haven’t been through the same thing as they are going through. That’s why a lot of them working there have a background as drug addicts. Can you imagine a person who has suffered from alcoholism trusting someone who has not? So why should fat people trust skinny people?

If you are buying a book about weight loss choose an author that is big in person, Dr. Phil is one of the few (big on cover author). The rest are too skinny to trust (unless they have been fat before).

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Trendy Visage – Fade to Grey

Published by on juli 1, 2008

This video and song is for young trendy people more than hot. Everything is right, the music, the style and even the video – and its done in 1980 (and its still great).

Why is Visage with their hit Fade to Grey, so hot and trendy today? How will this affect your communication, brand and dance style?

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