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At Hamptons consumers are stars

Published by on juli 31, 2008

How do you compete in a playground as the Hamptons, where the richest people in the US come to play every summer? You have to have excellent consumer experience to get the word out. The club: Stereo by the Shore got the right level of ambition:

We treat every body like a star. And if you are a star, then we even treat you better.

Do you feel as a star, were ever you consuming today?

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Pay-to-stay at Hilton prison?

Published by on juli 30, 2008

It sounds like a joke but its not. Going to jail is a terrifying experience, but it’s also a commercial market. Prison business is big business in the states, with private entrepreneurs delivering the services. They are now having offering as pay-to-stay. For as long there been prisons has their been services of protection, and luxury for been sold in prisons. The owners now like to get does money into their own pockets. Will hotel as Hilton open prisons? For Paris Hilton its not new.

Most people that have the resources, that are middle class, are so terrified of going to county jail that they would spend whatever they have to guarantee that they’re going to be in a safer environment.

With slogans as “Bad things happens to good people,” are prisons now selling their “extra services.”

For $82 a Day, Booking a Cell in a 5-Star Jail.

I wonder how this will affect lawfulness? Moral? Police work?

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Edward de Bono: Book: H+ (Plus) A New Religion?

Published by on juli 28, 2008

It is probably the smallest book ever written about a new religion. But it’s done by one of the biggest creators in modern business mind world: Edward de Bono. His history work is full of milestones after milestones of good work, this time he shows that he got a good sense of humor. As he writes in his book, H+ (Plus) A New Religion?

Humour develops the habit of mind of seeing things in different ways, of exploring possibilities.
Edward de Bono

He knows how to turn his creative mind to see new things and doing so he will make you to fall laughter (that will open your mind for new thinking).

Bookmark and Share A DJ system ore a social platform?

Published by on juli 25, 2008

They get it, they building a social platform around the product. Maybe its because they have the DJ attitude of keeping people on the dance floor (or on the brand). Their social platform is actual creating a market to sell their product to, witch is a good commercial point for them to “mix” social values with music.

Pacemaker is a revolutionizing portable music player equipped with an extensive range of professional audio manipulation features enabling limitless mixing between two independent channels.

Why are not other brands doing the same for cars, houses etc?

Update May 26: Did test Pacemaker at a shop yesterday and it’s an amazing innovation. The company behind it is Tonium (check out their site, they are looking for people to hire and as their photo above shows they are serious about innovation).

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T-Mobile: Stick together

Published by on juli 23, 2008

I really think this make sense, check out this site for T-Mobile (move around) it ad value to consumers. There point is really focusing on the lives of consumers – usability (checking your mobile coverage in an site looking Second Life but with real values).

Bookmark and Share Malcolm Gladwell – What we can learn

Published by on juli 21, 2008

Watch Malcolm Gladwell speech at where he is pointing out the value of tapping into the mind of the consumers and understanding the point of tribes. In my opinion he is saying: Quality is not about the sender is about the receiver, in other words quality is individual.

“By embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a shore way to true happiness.”
Malcolm Gladwell

Thanks to Mattias Åkerberg at pleasecopyme.blogg for sending me this link.

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Published by on juli 19, 2008 to compet with Secound Life with their own I think they soon will connect your social avatar with Google Earth and let you travel in space and earth to new places. Soon will the avatar worlds and real words come together as ONE (that will improve the profit for with at least 99 times than today).
Google gets ONE, they ask users for suggestions to develop and improve Lively. Some of their questions: Increase compatibility, Improve existing features and Add new features and for the users it only to click on “suggest it.” Why haven’t car companies as GM build in this in their cars? The consumers are sitting in the product and testing it al day and night.

See the new avatar, before it says hello to you on bloggs, communites etc.

A while ago, I looked around the social web and wished that it could be less static. Sure, you can leave a comment on a blog or write a text blurb on your social networking profile. But what if you want to express yourself in a more fun way, with 3D graphics and real-time avatar interactions? I started asking this question as a 20% project, and I’m excited to announce today’s release of Lively by Google – a 3D virtual experience that is the newest addition to Google Labs.
Niniane Wang, Engineering Manager, (7/08/2008)

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Published by on juli 17, 2008

Got an email today, first I thought it was green spam (but it don’t seem so). The green grassroots get it; I mean they understand that bloggers are as important as any other press relations. At they got a link in their menu to Press & Bloggers. That may be a small step for the web master but a big step for mankind to survive on earth.

Press & Bloggers: Do you have a blog, and are you interested in hearing about special news from the We Campaign? Click here to tell us about your blog, and we’ll periodically send you breaking news and relevant information. RSSYou can also subscribe to our Press and Blogger RSS feed to also get our press releases and other press-related content.

I am not a big fan of the fill out the field’s part. But at the same time if bloggers get the latest news and can spread the word to save the world, that’s powerful. If they can connect 1.000 good bloggers with RSS feed that will be faster than they can type a press release.

About Us: The We Campaign is a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection — a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. Our ultimate aim is to halt global warming. Specifically we are educating people in the US and around the world that the climate crisis is both urgent and solvable…

Keep up the good work, but next time it will be a good idea to connect the graphic better to Al Gore (where I sign up for the newsletter, so it don’t look as green spam). Why, because I think a lot of people want to spam use a super brand as Al Gore. Even does how’s intention not are to save the planet, instead stop them how are trying to do so – it is not only a question about good ore bad its also a balance be twin a saving the planet and big money that don’t what to change there profit.
Another point is to be more multi culture sense the planet is full of different people, how al wants to feel connected to your message.

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Published by on juli 14, 2008

I think this is the best ”Page not found” I ever seen:
I’m really sorry but it’s all gone wrong! You see, you’ve asked for a page that I can’t find. Maybe it was here once but decided to make a break for it. It’s not easy being a web page; it gets boring if nobody asks to see you and doesn’t help your self-esteem either. Anyway, it’s not here. It’s gone. Deceased. I’m not trying to shift the blame but could you please check that you’ve typed the address correctly? If it is a broken link then I’d appreciate an email to to report the problem.
Many thanks
Please click here ( so that I can return you to the homepage.

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Where the Hippie movement more interactive than Internet?

Published by on juli 13, 2008

The peace symbol was developed in the UK as a logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and was embraced by U.S. anti-war protestors in the 1960s.Yes I think so! Today are we interactive online but most people don’t walk around online. They walk and talk offline. But offline today is anonymous. Already back in the 1960s in the beginning of the Hippie movement where they fare more interactive than al bloggers today. Why? Because they could se how is how when they where walking in real life. They could see how is a hippe, so they could start to interact. Do you see how is a blogger? No! They where fare more interactive than today’s bloggers. Maybe we need to have a blogger look so we can click on each other in the offline world to? Even there symbol could be an early symbol for Internet (total interactive and information freedom). Maybe it was the military that years later theft it but did not want to give credit to the flower power community for inventing the Internet.

Hippie fashions and values had a major effect on culture, influencing popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts.

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