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John Dahlbäck: A humble success DJ

Published by on juni 14, 2008

Did meet the talented success DJ John Dahlbäck. He is on of does Swedes that are living as a rock star (outside Sweden). Disco pay good money for popular DJs and Johan is really good. He is in that level that old music becomes total new in his mixing. Its no problem paying good money to a DJ that can get 2-4000 people dancing al knight.

Turn up the volume and dance to the music of John Dahlbäck, life in London. Management should work as a good DJ; keep people on the dance floor and moving with the market.

Bookmark and Share Are today launching spam free blog search engine

Published by on juni 12, 2008

Today the Twingly team launched our international, spam free blog search engine on Nearly 3500 beta testers have helped us reaching this point.

I like the attitude when invite 3499 persons and me more to: Share your experience, give your suggestions and invite us to follow their development. How many companies does that (except in the IT sector?).

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EM 2008: Would you hire Zlatan Ibrahimović?

Published by on juni 11, 2008

Normally does Greece food taste really good in Sweden, but I would not recommend does restaurants today (especially not if you look like Zlatan). The chiefs at restaurants are not so inspired today because of the loss over the Swedes football team, yesterday. The reason they lost was one player Zlatan Ibrahimović, he is a wonderful and talented football player.
I often in meetings and in workshops ask CEOs if they would hired Zlatan (I do mean an super talent person with no traditional background). Most of the time they say – yes we like to win! But in last week I did ask this question to a CEO that did say NO! We would never hire a person as Zlatan, becoues he is now team player he is a star, and we are a team. There is no meaning for our company to win if the team is not winning.
What he meant, was that their corporate culture and philosophy is stronger and longer than winning EM 2008. They are the exception, they have a reason for not hiring Zlatan, and most companies look at the paper instead of give the candidate a shot on goal.
I do believe in testing talent than as normal looking into their background instead of their future. Both Zlatan and me have lived in Rosengård. And yes not al companies would hire me, but theirs NO meaning playing in a team where you never get the ball.

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Lego + IKEA = millions of new stores

Published by on juni 9, 2008

IKEA got 231 stores in 24 countries. So fare so god, but why not expand with millions of stores al over the world?
Fans as invite politicians and even the fonder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad to get them to open local IKEA stores. Some times they are successful, but it takes to long time. If they instead work a company as Lego they could design an IKEA store. Putting things together is what both Lego and IKEA are about, that’s one of the reasons why parents name their kids IKEA and Lego. The Lego version of the IKEA store can be design in a way that if you buy 10 of them it’s going to be 10 times bigger than one. It can be so big that you can put your IKEA furniture in the house and even open a real store (and sell your own IKEA furniture).
For the fans how want a local IKEA store is it easy to visualize it, only buy it in Lego build it and invite the local politicians – post in with photos on blogs build your local tribe and get the local news to write about your new store. Last step is to get the Indian chief Ingvar Kamprad to open the real store or at least by something in your IKEA-Lego store (maybe used Billy?).

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Top 10 posts – updated 4 June 2008

Published by on juni 4, 2008

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. Bloggers have link to this post so got thousands of visitors and become new nr 1: Hackers call to action for Hong Kong Light Show. We also got new post on the list about Italian football, GTA 4, and Amnesty-Beijing.

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Marlboro Deception: Smart anti-Advertising

Published by on juni 3, 2008

How do you marketing Marlboro in a time when it’s not legal? You don’t. You call it something else. A Swedish advertising dream team lead by Fredrik Forsling shows elegant how this can work the opposite purpose for anti-smoke organization A Non Smoking Generation. They did a perfume that stinks really bad, promoted in a bottle looking as a new perfume called Marlboro Deception. Watch their movie here at

Update 4 June: This campaign is called: Deception by Marlboro.

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YOU DJ: Idea for new TV/radio station

Published by on juni 2, 2008

movie_se.jpgWhy not is the DJ instead of a passive listener? MTV ore other media channels can make this idea work. The idea is to send two channels at the same time. They should be timed so the listener can become the DJ of the show.

It’s an easy way to from zapping to mixing.

It will allow media channels to keep there audience active and on the same channel. They will also see how of the two channels that is the best. This DJ-media mix could also work for CNN and other news stations. Special a younger more interactive audience could go from online to old media (TV/radio), but the DJ solution would work perfect online to. So when will we see and mix the YOU DJ idea live?

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