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Deepak Chopra in an intellectual musical

Published by on april 12, 2008

Yesterday I did listen for 3 hours on a musical. It was Deepak Chopra, he is talking about higher thinking in an Disneyfied level that it feels more like an intellectual musical. Nothing wrong with that he is successful and he is a great storyteller. When he said:
“The world is YOU” and work with WordPress on his site, then I still like his massage even if it was delivered as an intellectual musical.

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Newseum opens today. Blogseum opens when?

Published by on april 11, 2008

Newseum opens today:

The Newseum — a 250,000-square-foot museum of news — offers visitors an experience that blends five centuries of news history with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on exhibits.

Blogseum opens when?

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Slow Fashion today for the future

Published by on april 10, 2008


Today in Gothenburg, Sweden are the fashion industry seminar Fashion & Retail. This photo have they done to show Al Gore + Stefan Engeseth as ONE at this seminar. It al started last year when I was one of the speakers: H&M design by Al Gore.
This green idea will move forward with the Swedish Trade Federation how is the moving force to make the fashion industry tap into the “slow fashion” movement.

What is Slow Fashion ?

Slow Fashion is to clothing and design what slow food is to cuisine – natural, organic, ethical, local (where possible) and one-off designs with an emphasis on quality, and of course – taste. Slow Fashion means you can look fantastic and feel 100% guilt free.

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Silja Line goes Bollywood

Published by on april 9, 2008

Silja FestivalSilja Line is now offering daily cruises between Helsinki and Stockholm. Nothing new with that, but now they are having a Bollywood them on their boats. That means that thousands of Vikings are now will enjoy India on board. There will be SIlja goes BollywoodBollywood Dance Show, Indian food, drinks and even traditional henna painting.
Silja Line is using BollyBranding to offer a cold Scandinavia the warm feeling of Bollywood to connect to consumers. That is an excellent way of cracked the Swedish-Indian consumer code. Kryssning till HelsingforsBut they could do better in reaching the Indian community in Scandinavia by having the ads in Hindi (and other Indian langue). Also offering al the prices in rupees (Indian money). Now they only reach the Vikings – but that is not so bad.

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Cracked Indian consumer code

Published by on april 8, 2008

india_2_0_logo.jpgYesterday was the seminar: Cracking the Indian consumer code hold in Stockholm, Sweden. It was full of great speakers and audience (the moderator was me…). It was like traveling to India for one day. Only that point is a concept to discover (one day trip: Food, people and language can replace the country for one day).
The opening speaker was the Indian Ambassador, Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa how gave us an update in modern India. As one of the excellent speakers, Preeta Signh said it is not possible to talk about al India, you have to choose the part you like to talk about. The same goes for this incredibly day. Another Speaker vice President Christina Baines of Indiska Magazinet told us the story about how to launch in India (going back to their rots). Author and Indian expert Per Johan Andersson painted a picture of India for us to take part in.
The evening did move on to probably the best Indian restaurant in Stockholm: Curry Plaza. Most of the Indian restaurants in Sweden are sadly bad advertising for India. The Japanese are working with the quality of restaurants serving their culture; I hope other countries also protect the quality experience of their culture. If they do so it will be easier to travel to another country for one day.

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Find extreme places at

Published by on april 7, 2008

America is on the Wild West, so things need to be extreme to stick out to attract tourist. Like on this picture the World’s Largest Pile of Oil Cans. Ore even more World’s Largest Burger (video clips – see it and believe, it but don’t eat it). Al this and more fun creasy thinks on – its great that someone shows a positive America in our time.

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Published by on april 6, 2008

Having testimonials as: please do not stop shooting. Doesn’t mean his a military. It means his an amateur photographer that better than most professionals (the conservative ones).

Masjid Al-Noor

The photographer of this amazing photo is KoRaYeM.

My photography passion began with flickr. Seeing what talented people can create through a camera got me excited. KoRaYeM

This journey on (amazing photo link) did start on Seth Godin blogpost: ”Where to find great ideas and arresting images (for free).

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Watch a Purple Seth Godin

Published by on april 4, 2008

Seth Godin is by fare one of the fastest brain in the world of business developing. That’s why he gets to hold this lecture for

Watch how his words make Seth Godin becomes purple (so different that you and I spreads the words – for free). He ends the lecture with this wisdom words to the employees at Google.

Keep up the good work. Have a big brand!
Seth Godin

Thanks to Daniel Hjelmtorp blog – where I did find this video.

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CIA into web 2.0 with Google vs. 1 April joke

Published by on april 3, 2008

First believed that this was 1 April joke, then I did read this on CIA website (they don’t joke around):

CIA is only one of the many US intelligence, diplomatic, and military organizations that use Intellipedia on top secret, secret, and unclassified networks.

It is a smart move of to work with trusted brands (land security is as seriously it can be). It put their brand/site Intellipedia strongly exactly at the weakest spot on (security, credibility and trust). This smart move will move the Google brand into the government market faster than it takes to find out that this was not a 1 April joke.

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A multi billion idea vs. 1 April joke

Published by on april 1, 2008

I have been thinking of a solution for many years: How to make it possible to talk different languages in phones. As an Example you speak your languages (Chinese, English etc) and could speak any different languages as Swedish ore something else – the point is that we will understand each other (in real time). This is probably the biggest thing that has happened since the telephone (1871) was invited.
The question is this only a 1 April joke are ore a multi billion idea? Well,  I think it’s bigger than money (its a peace project).

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