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Using Naming as Raping can end up in a nickname

Published by on april 29, 2008

Image:NLC-HOU-MinuteMaid.PNGWhen brands buy the right to name a building after their brand x, it’s called “naming.” But it is a risk to use places that consumers already have a relation with. Don’t use naming, as raping of strong relations be twin fans and their tribe places. Sometimes is better to think twice before buying places as famous Madison Square Garden in NY and turn it to a naming place just because you have the money and can do so. For fans how have been going to this tribe monuments for generations it will be mix feelings (most brand managers don’t want to have meetings with hooligans). But if it’s done when a new building is getting build it can be seen as a corporate social responsibility, a good way to tap into the local community. If it ad value into being a fans, the experience ore save money on tickets etc it will make sense. But at the same time its really strong and personal feelings for a lot of fans naming their stadium – this is a consumer fighting for the colors like warriors on a mission (they are not the type of people how call consumer support to complain – they take action).

When these state-of-the-art stadiums and arenas are built, fans of all ages will spend decades cheering on their teams in a venue named after a (presumably) financially-robust corporate brand.

It is also important to see the naming project over a long time period, at least 10 year. “Enron Field” doesn’t sounds like a good idea today, after Enron its previous names for the stadium has been “Astros Field” and latest “Minute Maid Park.” Coca-Cola, paid a price exceeding $100 million for the naming rights to the stadium for 28 years. Paying that kind of money and then get a nickname like ”The Juice Box” is not fun but it’s the fans how owns the right to create nicknames. A good start to find a naming project is to look at how old the stadiums are at the places you like to try out a naming project (but do get the fans singing for you not against your brand).

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How to triple shopping on

Published by on april 26, 2008

More ore less is the success of based on word of mouth and PR. But now is it now so new anymore so I think they should develop the seller and buyers model into next step.
Here is a simple idea that will give new fuel for more buzz and PR around Instead of having the old traditional way of selling and buying stuff with money they could take it way back into let people exchange stuff with each other. Like I have this car and I want a motorbike to ride this summer… People can then discuss what is a relevant exchange. It can develop into a lot of different solutions but it will drive traffic and of course if the buyer doesn’t have the motorbike I want he ore she maybe have the money I need (but that’s the next level). got more than 100 million people around the world that is probably billions of things that can be exchange in a year.

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Top 10 posts – updated 23 April 2008

Published by on april 23, 2008

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. In only one day we got a new nr 1: Are your avatar ready for spring?. We also got new post on the list about, Google Swimming, A multi billion idea and

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Stiff-legged Pharmaceutical businesses vs. adapt and survive

Published by on april 21, 2008

It interesting how industries that grows becomes stiff-legged. The Pharmaceutical businesses will not survive according to specialist if they don’t adapt to the market. The reason for why they have become so stiff is because they could (no competition – lobbying that their Titanic pills are good for al consumers). But now when the market grows (partly as an result of their products…). They have to learn how to tap into consumer focus and learn what customization means.
The reason for why they want to learn this is more money on a growing market. Also that more and more government are changing/updating the legal system so greed doesn’t kill patients.
Simon Friend, global pharmaceutical leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers did hold a lecture at KTH in Stockholm. The point of the lecture is found here at (in Swedish).

Global Pharma Market Predicted to More Than Double In Value to $1.3 Trillion by 2020: Industry Must Transform to Capitalise On Opportunities.

If The Pharmaceutical businesses don’t listen they will end up with more movies as Sicko (and as Simon did say having image problems so they don’t can employ the best science workers). Simon also points out in his lecture that it’s strange that a business that purpose is to save live is not trusted.
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Profit kills patient in Sicko.
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Google Swimming pools on the roof-tops

Published by on april 19, 2008 the top of the building is Avalon Hotel, offering a swimming pool that has been talk of the town. They are tapping into the transparency that also it the success factor of – I suggest that Google builds Google-pools around the globe.

Out on the terrace, one has Gothenburg’s downtown core far beneath one’s feet. Avalon’s Penthouse Suite is 83m²and offers views across the roof-tops in three of the Cardinal points.

Thanks to Mattias Åkerberg for pointing out the view.

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One café a sustainable solution

Published by on april 17, 2008

Did meet Johnny Ragazzo, CEO at One café. Guess if I like the name? They got an innovative product with a sustainable solution. “Your brand, your coffee, your way”

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Want to work for Justin Timberlake?

Published by on april 16, 2008

If so are Justin Timberlake and the Swedish super fashion entrepreneur Johan Lindeberg looking for you right now. Here is a small PDF (in Swedish) with al the information how to get the job. The buzz around what’s coming out of this collaboration is growing big in the fashion industry (even if it is not that new story it’s the buzz that counts).

WANT a piece of Justin Timberlake? Soon you’ll be able to wear one – his clothing label, William Rast, has signed a deal with J. Lindeberg founders Johan and Marcella Lindeberg to branch out into womenswear via a new sportswear line.

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Published by on april 15, 2008

A lot of parents are worried about what their kids are getting in contact with on Internet. That is a business opportunity. offers sites, games and tons. It is a kid safe browser, with access to over 500,000 websites, pictures and videos.
It is a good step forward, soon I think Microsoft will Explor “their version.” But it’s really nice to see that parents can chare time and become an open source parents (suggestions of what’s good and bad for kids online).

Each time a kid clicks on a link to an unapproved site, it will go into a moderation system and either approved or denied within an hour.

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Air Guitar with Swedish Advertisers

Published by on april 14, 2008

Watch “Air Guitar World Record” done by around 400 people at a seminar this week in Stockholm, Sweden (10/4-2008).
Turn up the volume and play along! The jumping guy in the front is the CEO, Anders Ericson, the Association of Swedish Advertisers. I don’t believe many CEOs can play air guitar as good as Anders, his one of a kind.

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Published by on april 13, 2008

miss-bimbo.jpgThey chocked the world, with values that is beyond common sense.

The world’s first virtual fashion game! Become the most famous and beautiful bimbo in the world.

Media has alarm the bad values in the game:

A Web site that encourages girls as young as seven to give virtual dolls breast implants and put them on crash diets has caused concern among parents and children’s activists.

They are now learning the game of common sense. I do think they are doing a lot of thing really wrong, but at the same time its strange that if a game is violent for boys its more ore less normal. Should girls become a saint online to have the right to play a game?

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