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Party like a rock star in your LA apartment

Published by on mars 13, 2008

In my first book I did write about how home apartment can ad hotel services. Now does the hotel takes this move and are having an boom in building apartment in and around their casino hotels in Los Angeles. Stars as Ben Affleck are a big reason for this boom. How doesn’t want to have a rock star as a neighbor? If you like to have it they guaranty that what happens in LA stays in your apartment (because they have anti-paparazzi bodyguards – al included in your rent).

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Top 10 posts – updated 11 Mars 2008

Published by on mars 11, 2008

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. In only one day we got a new nr 1: Will Microsoft survive Microsoft? We also got new post on the list about Alicia Keys, Hackers, Mosquito’s, iPhoneCafé (free iPhones means traffic).

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Will Microsoft survive Microsoft?

Published by on mars 10, 2008

Big players don’t play fast. For Microsoft is the question about open-source is in my opinion: “To Be or Not to Be.”
If Microsoft doesn’t change, they wont survive competition from open-Source. I think this is the first step but they need also to change they their DNA and brand. If Microsoft doesn’t change, they wont survive competition from open-Source. I think this is the first step but they need also to change they their DNA and brand. Here are some evolution steps they been taken.

Linux is a cancer. Steve Ballmer,Microsoft, CEO


Did Microsoft suddenly find open-source religion? Hardly. It was dragged there kicking and screaming by its customers, who are increasingly drawn to open-source software like Linux, whose inner workings of code can be seen by anyone and modified.

Their first step into Open-Source was more ore less a way to win time (war tactic). Consumers did not believe in a code that not was built in a way that had nothing to do with the DNA culture in the open-source community.
I personally think something is wrong in a lot of high-tech corporation (few tech people understand that Internet is not about computers). At least is Microsoft trying out their first step of open-source.

Microsoft Sings a New Tune—Wants to Play Nice With Open-Source… finally decided to stop trying to fight open-source software.

My question is will Microsoft survive Microsoft? In martial art you have to win over your self-first, and I think that is the big fight for Microsoft. To fight with consumer power and anti-trust regulators will cost them too much.

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Alicia Keys is not Las Vegas

Published by on mars 9, 2008

Last evening was Alicia Keys performing at Hovet in Stockholm. Its clear that she doesn’t know how good she is. Why else does a world class artist hide behind around 15 musicians and 7 dancers that doesn’t ad anything to the magical picture of Alicia Keys? She has nothing to do with a B-Las Vegas show. Even the sound was terrible. The warm-up bands did go on in 90 minutes before the show. This plastic bad taste added value is not why the dedicated fans did sleep out side Hovet.

In my opinion should Alicia Keys perform only with here magical voice and a grand piano. Here stage personality is pure girl power. In a time when most artists refer to Internet this analog performance should give the audience a knight to remember forever.

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Ricoh: Create, share and think as ONE

Published by on mars 7, 2008

Enter to campagin: Ricoh: Create, share and think as ONE

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Video: Childish Simplicity

Published by on mars 6, 2008

Spela filmen. One of my most influential mentors is named Erik. Erik is 3 years old (1999). See a seen interviewed I did here with him. Don’t lock up your creativity. Think of what a child would do. A child sees opportunities with wonderful ease. Let this positive energy createa stimulating rush of creativity. Thanks to Erik and mother Karin. The sound of this video is in Swedish but the Eric is easy to understand (will see if I can get with subtitles). Filmed by Benzon.

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Now this blog got over 500 posts

Published by on mars 5, 2008

Did start blogging 2005 and I have to say that the most fun thing with the blogging is the offline effect. I mean the people you get to know from the online world then develop a deeper connection offline, that’s great. My English has getting 80% better over the years. At the start a single blog post could take up to 3 hours to write, know its minutes (dyslectic self-confidence?). My English are not perfect but this blog is not about spelling it’s about moving, so thanks for moving 500 post with me.

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Chris Anderson book: Free

Published by on mars 3, 2008

Chris first book The Long Tail was a mega success. I do think he is one of the best business authors in the world when it comes to research.
In the video connected to his Wired article: “Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business,” Chris deliver a point that will stay here for a long time: “Every industry that becomes digital eventually becomes free!

The most common of the economies built around free is the three-party system. Here a third party pays to participate in a market created by a free exchange between the first two parties. Sound complicated? You’re probably experiencing it right now. It’s the basis of virtually all media.

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A Peace, Love and Samurai video

Published by on mars 2, 2008

Japanese commercial for a company called ”Heiwa.”

Watch this short but charm video full of contrast of cultures, in a peaceful way.

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