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The Swedish Post version of Second Life

Published by on februari 15, 2008

For some years ago I suggested that we should build a Showroom at The Swedish Postal Service. We did so but seeing it today is really cool. They have developed it with good work into a version of Second Life. I did not do the work by my self there was a dream team of colleague as Jörgen Wahl & co.

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Happy Valentines Day

Published by on februari 14, 2008

heart1.jpgHappy Valentines Day

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No connection at Mobile World Congres

Published by on februari 14, 2008

Reporters attending at the Mobile World Congres in Barcelona. Reporters report that there is no mobile connection to use your mobile.reporter Pia Gripenberg from DN (in Swedish) have it as an headline and explain that they can only watch on new mobile phones, but non of them work for there is no connection.

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Philip Kotler gave the madness of marketing structure

Published by on februari 13, 2008

The marketing guru Philip Kotler gave us al the P-funk (the PPPP), and a lot more. But most of al he gave structure into the world of marketing. Here is an good article where he also talks about passion:

This guru believes in brand extensions. Especially his own. Thirty years ago, Philip Kotler injected method into the madness of marketing with his seminal textbook, Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation & Control. Now 67 years young, the indefatigable iconoclast has kept his brand of seminal thinking as fresh as ever, cannibalising his own concepts of the past to create striking new paradigms for marketers in the 21st Century.

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Foo Fighters started a trend on YouTube

Published by on februari 12, 2008

To perform with Foo Fighters at My Grammy Moment a lot of classical musicians uploaded videos at YouTube. But it did not stop there a lot of fake videos started to upload in volume. That’s really nice vibes for classical music to spread.

Is this performance with Ann Marie Calhoun real of fake?

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Exhibition on computer games in Sweden

Published by on februari 11, 2008

This weekend I did go to an exhibition arranged by the Swedish computer museum, did talk with gamer and project manager Peter Blom (did not challenge him in any games).

A new hands-on exhibition on the history and culture of computer games in Sweden. Test Sweden’s first game, e-sport or why not make your own game!

In media it is a huge success and they got up to 2000 visitors per day. I did not now that games as Dome 2 was made in Sweden (humble Swedes sees more to the gaming than the telling…). Did not see any games with Vikings – that was a bit strange and also missing Swedish pop culture dimensions as ABBA etc.

Update 11 February: Dome 2 is not created in Sweden, it was a misunderstanding and I got a correction from Peter Blom (thanks).

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Cloverfield a Blair witch 9/11 turkey movie

Published by on februari 8, 2008

I do love good bad “turkey” movies but not when they are about a subject as serious as 9/11. It is obviously that the new movie Cloverfield is a Hollywood turkey version of a tragedy.

See this trailer and

then compare with 9/11 and

with the style this amateur version of the Blair Witch project.
Related post: Why Hollywood sucks!

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Faking nature saliency at Furniture Fair

Published by on februari 7, 2008


This year is in many ways a celebration to sustainability and silence at The Stockholm Furniture Fair. The strange think is that so many are talking about nature in a way that feels fake. Slogans like “nature design” don’t feel real. I think it’s great that many are doing the right thing for nature, but when sustainability are becoming only a hype then we really need to find a new planet fast.

To show the world what this trend really is I suggest that they take away al the nature fake furniture. And instead build a forest as an installation totally realistic but in plastic material. And let us al walk around inside the forest with real animals.

Last year fair was much more vital in the level of design.

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Obama Girl reaches 100 million people

Published by on februari 6, 2008

A lot of people call here a wannabe, but the Obama Girl video has reaches over 100 million people around the world!

Watch here latest: Super Obama Girl! Obama Girl original name are Amber Lee. It is interesting how Barack Obama with this support reach into the Spanish community how are a powerful segment of the American voters. The question is where is the Hillary version?

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Super Bowl by Wieden + Kennedy

Published by on februari 5, 2008

The commercials on last Super Bowl got a lot of critics, like one for  Careerbuilder (career site), done by Wieden + Kennedy (cool agency site). The question is does it ore does it not make sense?

It is interesting when advertising as in this case is more an art form than traditional advertising. But it is an expensive art form for the Careerbuilder.

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