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John Dewey: Learning by doing vs. Nike: Just do it

Published by on februari 28, 2008

The magical words “Learning by doing” means a lot for the reality of life. I think, “Just do it,” by Nike is a modern version of the expression. The inventor of the original expression is John Dewey (1859–1952) an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer.

For Dewey, it was vitally important that education should not be the teaching of mere dead fact, but that the skills and knowledge which students learned be integrated fully into their lives as persons, citizens and human beings. This practical element—learning by doing.

See this Russia commercial for Nike and then checkout (it al started in America with John Dewey). Do think the Swoosh map of Moscow is nice made in Google Earth.

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Shopping green candidates for president election

Published by on februari 26, 2008

Looking for a green shopping guide for US next president?

How Green Is Your Candidate? Interviews and info on the presidential candidates’ environmental positions.

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From anti-teen device to Mosquito ring tone business

Published by on februari 25, 2008

Here is an interesting case in how a new product can attract both parts with the same service but with the opposite purpose. It started as an anti-teen device:

The creators of a pioneering device that uses high-frequency sound to stop teenagers congregating outside shops, schools and railway stations reacted angrily today to news that the government-appointed Children’s Commissioner wants to see it banned.

But it ended as new business for ring tones:

A ring tone teachers & parents can’t hear! A tone outside the audible range of hearing of most people over 30. This means that you can get phone calls and receive text messages in class or school without teachers hearing it.

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Voluntary Complicity

Published by on februari 24, 2008

People how search for a more simple life. They don’t like to buy things. And that’s why I did not find anything about their being on Google. They live their brand and don’t like to do things.

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Made to stick is now random

Published by on februari 22, 2008

The BookIt’s now random that Randonhouse sticks out in the publishing world. They know how to make a pie and sell it slice by slice. Got a postcard today with a picture of a pie, and an offer that’s hard to refuse – buy a chapter/slice of the book Made to Stick.

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Fans “pimp up” IKEA and make profit

Published by on februari 20, 2008

IKEA fans has founded Parts of Sweden.

When you just feel like you need a little inspiration or just want to ”pimp up” your old Ikea furniture, pay us a visit. We’re open around the clock. Parts of Sweden is both a web shop and a so-called ’community.’ If you have a smart idea or feel something is missing from our product range, contact us. We reward good ideas.

They even Pimp up Billy (the world’s most famous bookshelf). It would be cool know what Kamprad the father of Billy says about this Pimping of IKEA. I think its cool, did wrote about it in my latest book and I do think a lot of brands are missing market shares because of they don’t see the blind spots (where the fans are dancing with their wallets).

To improve their offer they are searching for designers. IKEA started a lot of their success with copying master pieces and now are the IKEA copy extension are looking for their own designers.
They got links as Pimp it up and PIMP FOR FREE (yes in capitals). Is not what I think is IKEA corporate style, but big corporations needs a lot of passion so I think they can hire a lot of good talent from this fans.

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Why “out of the box” exists

Published by on februari 19, 2008

The saying “out of the box” is a classical way of defining that thinks are more creative out side the box. But for me it’s a saying that builds on the fact that things don’t get in the box. The reason it doesn’t get in the box can be a numbers of reasons. Like stiff corporate doorkeepers. Ore fans that get locket out from brands and soon fans as a result then starts to create there own reality outside the brand. The effect is that the brand owners get no control of their brand (out side the box). And nothing new gets in the box. In other word, a lot of thinks is outside the box because of the way people work inside the box.

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Top 10 posts – updated 18 February 2008

Published by on februari 18, 2008

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. Still is nr 1: A Skype Night in Stockholm (a lot of traffic). But nr 2 is new: From YouTube to YouPorn (a lot of hot traffic).

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iPhoneCafé: Buy an iChari and get an iPhone for free!

Published by on februari 17, 2008

Did blog about it before iPhoneCafé. Now if you buy an iPhone at the Café you get an iPhone (a 16GB 1.1.3 model) for free if you buy a chair… That’s cool and that made in pure passion from early adopters.

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Dirt is good

Published by on februari 17, 2008

Not often do I see a commercial created with charm and good values as in the VIA commercial. Symbolically is the video saying that kids should not become robots (stuck to computers), they should be out and playing in the dirt. I guess that’s why its owner Unilever puts their slogan in a love, peace and happiness way:

feel good, look good and get more out of life

Did wrote about the “Dirt is good” campaign it in my ONE book:

A current ad campaign by a detergent company is also turning the problem of children, and grown-ups, sitting behind their computers and not getting outside enough into a branding opportunity. The campaign features black and white print ads and commercials featuring people involved in some free time activity in the mud – football, rugby, running. Each commercial finishes with very stylized slow motion ending with a freeze frame of a pile of laughing muddy people. The reasoning is that dirt is part of enjoying life. Dirt is good.

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