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How can save the planet

Published by on januari 20, 2008

All the things you have and need could become a donation and make a difference at If they should collaborate with Greenpeace so you could sell your things through and donate the money to Greenpeace. Here is an example of how it can be don by done by Sea Shepherd.

Are you thinking of selling or trading in that old car, boat, truck, trailer or RV? Why not donate it instead? The process is easy, quick and convenient. And because we do all the work, your time is not wasted trying to sell your vehicle.

Donate Your Ship, Yacht, Boat or Nautical gear. In return, you can declare the value of the donations on your tax returns.

This is a smart way of making donation a part of environment. They end the offer with an offer in how to “donate your frequent flyer miles.” The potential is enormous; everyone can become famous in his or her neighborhood for saving the planet. The eBay Community has more than 100 million people around the world who buy and sell in the eBay marketplace. What would you start to sell/donate?

Above is Five fundamental community values. Now is the time to walk the talk, so when can we start the bid for saving the planet?

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MySQL ONE Swedish Billion-Dollar Baby

Published by on januari 18, 2008

Its good news and its good business, and it al started in Sweden. Now is Sun buying MySQL.

Sun put its money where its mouth is Wednesday, with the announcement that it would buy open source database vendor MySQL for a whopping $1 billion.

I don’t think its good news for the big competitor Oracle, when the open source alternative now gets the big company credibility from Sun. Of course there move the same day: “Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire BEA Systems.” It’s a move but more of the old business schools move. In my opinion – If your not moving in the SUNlight you have to move in the shadows.

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100.000 nya kunder

Published by on januari 17, 2008

Spela filmen (tryck play igen). På 2,2 minuter visar filmen hur företag kan få 100.000 nya kunder lika lätt som de flesta öppnar munnen.

The sound of this video is in Swedish but the graphics will tell the story: How to get 100.000 new costumers by going from invisible to open the door to the opera, in the shape of a singing mouth. Stefan Engeseth, Interviewing Charlotta Huldt-Ramberg. SpaghettiOperan Regina who performs G Puccini: O mio babbino caro ur Gianni Schicchi. Filmed by Karin Petrovski.

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Japanese Titanic for tourism

Published by on januari 16, 2008

Sea Shepherd crew prepare to take on Nisshin MaruIts trendy to talk about Nation branding but know ones talks about that the big picture is global. The Japan National Tourist Organization are now having a campaign:

“YOKOSO” means “Welcome”

I don’t think they said YOKOSO when Greenpeace got onboard on the Japanese Whaling Ship: Check out al the photos in this article:

“Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel in Southern Whale Sanctuary”

I would say that it going to cost Japan 1 million tourist for every Whale they kill – YOKOSO to nation branding.

Eco-Crime Watch (read the list and get reward when you report)
$25,000 Antarctica – Japanese Whalers

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Top 10 posts – updated 15 January 2008

Published by on januari 15, 2008

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. We have a new nr 1: A Skype Night in Stockholm.

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Barack Obama moves with hip-hop

Published by on januari 13, 2008

He is doing a lot of thinks right and he got some smart moves:

Barack Obama recruits Kanye and Jay-Z For His Brand of Schoolhouse Hip-Hop. The US presidential candidate says, if elected, he plans to use hip-hop to educate the people.

Remembering walking in East Village, New York back 2002 when meet rapper Timothy Dark, he told me then that he wanted to make positive hip hop. He also told me that he risked his life singing in places as Queens. He told me the gangster culture doesn’t like it and that he was warned to stay out of Queens’s ore stop doing his positive rapping. I really hope that Barack Obama never stop rapping (and I can see that Timothy still are alive and kicking some positive rapp).

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Wadstrom on the spot with ONE

Published by on januari 12, 2008

prevNicolai Wadstrom is a hot Swedish blogger I do recommend you to read his post: With fans like this, you do not need a design department:

Apple’s design department get ideas and design concepts from their fan and customer group. Have you ever Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, or Microsoft getting this type of mockups of potential products for them to produce “designed” by their customers?

Love hes point: Stefan Engeseth is right on the spot here with his book “One”.

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Plant trees direct from your HP printer

Published by on januari 11, 2008

Every time you print from your computer it affects nature (and we know it). If HP develop software together with Greenpeace they could in the print screen window offer you to plant a tree every time you print out a paper (when you choose copies of paper to print you can also choose numbers of trees to plant). The payment solution is no problem; there are numbers of software to choose from. But think about the potential for nature, and think about the sales people from HP that can offer a “plant tree printer,” that will give them new green dollars.

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One interview in Paris

Published by on januari 10, 2008

Did hold a lecture for the network Lunch At The Circle (video) in Paris, this is the interview from that day.
It is filmed by Adrian Johnson.

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iPhone to Sweden

Published by on januari 9, 2008

iphoned.jpgiphoned2.jpgYesterday I did fall in love in the first iPhone I hold in my hands for the first time. It is like a product from the future. Apple has really delivered an outstanding product. Now I understand why Nokia´s CEO doesn’t sleep well!

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