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Will Google introduce Googlephone today?

Published by on november 5, 2007

To be ore not to be in consumers mobile is what Google and others are fighting for right now. Google will announce their mobile strategy plans this evening. The speculation is spreading fast and is powered by headlines. Recommend reading Amol Sharma good article ”Can Google-Powered Phones. Connect With Carriers?” in The Wall Street Journal.

”Google to Announce Mobile Platform on Monday. Search giant is preparing to announce an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications.”

“Leaked Google Phone Photo: Is This For Real?”

“Google has more mobile plans, but still no Googlephone”

To be ore not to be a mobile is not the question for Google, it is how you can steer the mobile tribe that search for answers in real life (brands, products, information etc). That’s why I hope to see Google Downtown in my mobile soon.

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One in buildings

Published by on november 3, 2007

A recent example of this trend is LifeAt. Launched in March 2007, LifeAt offers property managers a turnkey solution for launching a nethood for their building. So far, over 335 buildings have joined.

…your neighbors are helping to provide content and to keep it current so… the more you use it, the better it will get!

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Swedish Shitvertising for Life Earth

Published by on november 2, 2007

Did blogg about an idea concept I called Shitvertising. The concept is now coming out of cows.

Don’t watch this video if you are sensitive! This commercial is for Life Earth and are done by the director Johan Renck (he have been working with Madonna & H&M – don’t think she is in this commercial).

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How I changed YouTube!

Published by on november 1, 2007

It is interesting to be a consumer and give input to companies and see how they react. I did write an email with suggestion to

Date: Monday 3 sep 2007
To: @
Subject: idea and suggestion

Dear YouTube,
I think your doing a great work. I cannot find a solution how to not show other videos in on my website after the video is ending (not in your help center). The only solution is to have it in a smaller screen.
I will end up in copyright problems if I show other videos on my website, think it is better if they can go direct to youtube to see more videos (my webhost will not like the copyright problems if other videos are out on my website).
Thanks for good service and help with the above, answer so I can show the video in: width=425 height=350 and not yest in width=215 height=177.

Looking forward to here from youtube.
Best regards,
Stefan Engeseth


They did change it but a in the opposite way I suggested. Now they put the menu in the end of videos in every size of choise I have as a consumer. The result is that millions how choose the smaller window screen to not get the copyright problem, now get it. If they done the solution I suggested they would get more users and increased traffic.
It is off course hard to give feedback on for them. The point I pointed out for them however showed a weakness in the way they where working, and they fixed it (as the YouTube staff like to have it). But if they would listen more and develop and dialog we together could develop a better ONE solution.

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