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Blog toys for kids

Published by on november 30, 2007

toy.jpgToday’s toys create tomorrow’s bloggers. Here is a toy with functions that I think works as a private blog. Kids can write and paint only on the toy. The sell point to parents is “no mess,” for parents are that a “clean point.” “No mess” even cleans the kids stores from the product by increasing sells.

Its the activity toy for active, creative toddlers that allows them to make great art, over and over again – without the mess!

This toy can be a good Christmas gift to get small kids to understand what blogs is about. Its always good to start early for kids are tomorrow’s bloggers. I think toys in the future will be more interactive than today’s toys.

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Trendgalan an evening for the future

Published by on november 28, 2007

Last evening I was the Trendgalan in Stockholm, this year was the topic Trends 2.0. A lot of the speakers where pointing out that and cant go on being so hot any longer (because of the evolution system in trends). Something else has to come.
We may not understand it inside of Sweden but Sweden is a place where a lot of global trends start. That was the reason for why so many where speaking about China (not so creative in my opinion yet).


The award winner of Trendgalan this year was Camino Magazine. It is a Swedish magazine about social and environment questions for consumers and have a layout like a lifestyle magazine.
Trends in my interpretation a modern version of: “to be ore not to be” right now. A way to BE is to be NOT to be for a lot of people, and then you will become trendier. In other words a shortcut to be trendy is to do something a small number of people understand and a lot off people don’t like. It is sort of the evolution of differentiation, ore and modern version of finding a position for your brand.
Here is some of the speakers trend points: Geeks are cool. Green is cool. Blogs are and will be important trend builders. Weapons and darkness is not cool but are cool in design. Brands as Philips and Electrolux are learning how to interact with trends in 2.0.

Trendgalan was really good because of 90% person: Maria Forssén (she gives the name DOER an bigger perspective).

Here are some of the best of the speakers: Johan Stael von Holstein. Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, John Higson. Elin af Klintberg, Plaza Magazine. Mattias Miksche, Stardoll. Johan Wahlbäck, Singelringen. Gabriel Sundqvist, Pronto. And off course the artist Anthony Mills. Does speakers move so fast that I recommend you Google them to see where they are at the moment.

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Skype night disco

Published by on november 27, 2007

I was at a Skype night in Stockholm; it was a lot of fun and function. It would be more fun to arrange a “Skype night disco.” The point in having it at nights is that then you can dance with somebody else on the other part of the world. Everybody how dance can do so with the other partner online on a computer/smart phone connected on a Skype call with music and monitor. It would not be hard to get a date site to sponsor the event. The question is how would you dance with at this first “Skype night disco” and when.

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Why Nokias CEO are having Crackberry nightmares about Blackberry

Published by on november 26, 2007

Blackberry is a smart phone so smart that consumers get addicted to it. So addicted that it got the nickname “Crackberry.” The rumour is that the product is so easy to get stuck to that best way to sell it is to let consumers borrow it then they will buy it direct and start spreading word of mouth about its usability. This off course is a dream scenario that even makes the Nokia, CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvou (Swedish link) having nightmares about how good the “Crackberry” perform on the market.
The company behind Blackberry that cracked the consumer code is Research In Motion’s.

I even have seen a guy reading email on his Blackberry when dancing with his date. It was on their first date but maybe their last.

Why aren’t more products like “Crackberry”?

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Apple addicted?

Published by on november 25, 2007

Have you ever tested how addicted to Apple you are? Did find this on a dating site (I was looking for an Apple).

Ever fallen asleep with your iPod on? Do you plaster Apple stickers to anything that doesn’t move? Did you upgrade to Leopard within milliseconds of its release? Chances are you’re addicted to Apple. Test the Apple Quiz.

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Can Dracula be headhunted for IKEA?

Published by on november 24, 2007

Last week the one of the directors at IKEA Sweden told me that they where looking for 1000 new managers and got over 50% of their work applications for from members in club: IKEA Family (read consumers/fans).
I often ask companies when are you going to involve your fans into your company? The answes are are often first: Do we have fans? Yes only open the doors I say. But instead they make fans have legal reservations on their fansites as here.

Legally Required Disclaimer: This fan-run website is NOT related to IKEA, or the IKEA Group. Any and all links to are presented for reader convenience only and do not imply IKEA’s approval of this website. Got that? Good. Now back to the fun stuff. have more passion than a normal IKEA Family member has (well it’s the same persons but at they are allowed to express more of their passion).

Going to an IKEA store takes a lot of time, so does this Dracula movie that takes place in an IKEA store. When fans are living and creating their tribes outside of the corporate culture the brand has now control so they try to stop the energy that instead could get into the brand.
Without the connection to their fans IKEA can end up headhunting Dracula as a managers (he got passion). But if they had more interaction with tribes as they would tell how’s how and then let some play and some work (official).

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Lecture at the Opera

Published by on november 23, 2007

Did hold a lecture yesterday for the MiS/PR network at Folkoperan. After the lecture we did al stay and see performance ZARAH (bountiful and scary in a dramatically mix). They did perform in nearly 3 hours; I have to admit that I have problems not being interactive for so long time. But after a while a lot of quality ideas came to me when I did nothing else but take in what they where giving us.

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Mats Lederhausen is timeless

Published by on november 22, 2007

Did meet Mats Lederhausen back in 1994, I can see that he has have been working a long time with leadership at McDonald’s. His visions for the next generation are growing inside and outside of McDonald’s. He is now 2007 starting his own company, did find this on his this corporate blog, regarding greenwashing:

“I have long been inspired by the Egyptians who decided to build the pyramids. These were people that had a vision so grand they knew that only their grandchildren would be there to enjoy the fruits of that vision. As Charles Handy so eloquently writes: “Set your sights on immortality, or as close to it as you can get, and most of the ethical dilemmas sort themselves out. Today the skyscrapers of business tower over the old cathedrals. We must hope that those who build the enterprises within them are cathedral builders in their turn, for if they fail us then we all fail.” Mats Lederhausen, Founder, Chairman & CEO,

Time will tell if I do meet Mats again.

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Hype can hurt stock values

Published by on november 20, 2007

Apple did it with iPhone, Boeing did it with Dreamliner. Promises means taking out money from your “brand bank” before you got them.

CEOs, often dismissive of marketing, are discovering a dangerous reality: aggressive marketing and brand-building can boost stock prices by raising customer and investor expectations. But the penalties for not delivering on marketing promises are fast becoming as significant as not meeting quarterly earnings targets. John Quelch, professor, Harvard

Thanks to the Swedish blog Mine goes to eleven.

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Social web as an art form at

Published by on november 19, 2007

Can human emotion become an art form connected by blogs? Yes! Do I recommend you to spend time on this art form? Yes, if you FEEL for it! Is the graphic outstanding? YES!

At its core, We Feel Fine is an artwork authored by everyone. It will grow and change as we grow and change, reflecting what’s on our blogs, what’s in our hearts, what’s in our minds. We hope it makes the world seem a little smaller, and we hope it helps people see beauty in the everyday ups and downs of life.

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