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Jack Nicholson vs. advertising

Published by on oktober 20, 2007

As an actor Jack Nicholson is one of the best.

Watch this video and see why Jack Nicholson probably not should work with advertising. Thanks to Patrick Geuder for finding this film clip.

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Top 10 posts – updated: October 2007

Published by on oktober 19, 2007

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment.
The most popular post on this blog has changed a lot because of the search option on this blog. It is interesting how much more the old posts are getting more popular (because visitors can find them). The reading behavior has changes so much that nearly every post on the top 10 list is changed. Maybe this is a good point for other websites.

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How many houses can you have?

Published by on oktober 18, 2007

The Swedish success author Henning Mankell, is donating 15 million (SEK) to charity.

He got the question why he doing it and answered humble: How many houses can you have?

Thanks to Bengt Jönsson for this post. He is a new Swedish bloger, check out his blog it is full of fun stuff (in Swedish).

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Made in stupidity by Sony

Published by on oktober 17, 2007

Right now I am looking for buying a flat screen television. The process to find the right one to buy is like fishing. I do like the brand Sony but I do only think they are doing everything wrong. I have being reading the Sony founder Akio Morita book “Made in Japan,” in other words did like the brand. Back to the fishing: I am looking for quality and Sony is a quality brand. Yesterday did I read their advertising and then when I got to the shop it is not the same flat screen as in the ads. Instead it is sort of half the quality. They do this so they will get more costumers to the shop. The demand for flat screens televisions is so hot that anything will sell (they do sell a lot). But for me it is like selling quality with low price and bad quality. They even sometimes put in an ad for an product that is new in the ad and website but when going to the shop it is at least a 2 years old model with an outgoing technology. I do hope this way of killing the Sony brand is local, ore else some have to write the book “made in stupidity by Sony.” It is sad with a brand that does strong advertising and got a good history. For me it means I have to throw back a bad fish and continuing fishing for new brands.

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Whats next step for advertising?

Published by on oktober 16, 2007

Voices are loudly demanding for advertising to develop. In the proactive post “Has Advertising Killed Itself?” point out this word-by-word:

They are not in the business of helping businesses make deeper connections with their customers. This had better change, and change fast.

I agree that everything in life has to move forward, so whats the next step for advertising?

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Hillary Clinton joins ONE against poverty

Published by on oktober 15, 2007


The power of ONE is strong. Here is an organization that is named ONE and uses the power of ONE to make poverty history.

ONE is Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life – united as ONE – to help make poverty history. We are a campaign of over 2.4 million people and growing from all 50 states and over 100 of America’s most well-known and respected non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organizations…. The ONE Campaign seeks to raise public awareness about the issues of global poverty, hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in developing countries.

Watch Hillary Clinton join the ONE the Campaign. You can also take action for the ONE campaign. Check out the ONE movement with photos on Flickr.
The organization is not in anyway our innovation, but it is an excellent example how the power of ONE can change the world.

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Are airplanes errors no accidents?

Published by on oktober 14, 2007

The elephants did turn around, just before the tsunami hit the beaches in Thailand. Scientist thinks they did know about the tsunami before it happen. Elephants did know because of some sort of magnetic warning system animals have.

Wildlife experts believe animals’ more acute hearing and other senses might enable them to hear or feel the Earth’s vibration, tipping them off to approaching disaster long before humans realize what’s going on.

Today in the news there are daily report about airplane that has technical problems ore even accident. They also do have warnings systems, but airplanes are not made to work collective. Could it only be a circumstance that so many airplanes “turn around on the beach”? I don’t thing so! So what could it be a warning sign for? Weather warning? Environment changes? Magnetic warning? A new military weapon? Space? What do you think?
After 9/11 did a lot of people stop flying, today is the airplanes just like the elephants turning around and not flying. How will this affect their business and what is it that is happening to mother earth?

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What type of bloger are you?

Published by on oktober 13, 2007

Did find al types of fun mouse at
When I see them I think of different blogers I know… what type
of blogger are you?

A Smart bloger

A Download bloger

A Wild bloger

A Passionate bloger

Whatever you are does this mouse’s show what you are made off as a bloger… and I think they are a lot of fun.

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Transparent cloths by Google, Nudie and Al Gore

Published by on oktober 12, 2007

post_photo.jpeg The IT industry is often more open for new ideas than thefashion industry. If not H&M goes green and then Al Gore could work with an IT companies. Lets say that wants to communicate that they are delivering a transparent world. They can with the help of Al Gores and fashion designers produce social responsible and sustainable fashion. The clothes can be total transparent, a lot of people do want to make a statement and by standing naked they will do so. The catwalk with a “naked” Al Gore would buildup global press cover. Consumer can choose what level of nudity they like to have, ore what level of statement they like to make. One of the points with this is the modern tribe tribute to nature. To connect the clothes with Internet gives a lot of opportunities. Why not build in different links in the clothes so it will be connected to Google and the producers of the clothes…
For the Swedish brand Nudie Jeans would transparent clothes mean the “real nudie” deal. They are already taken responsibly with their organic denim. But with Al Gore on the catwalk they will walk there brand around the globe faster.

Nudie is the ”naked truth about denim”. Denim has the ability to age beautifully – formed by its user into a second skin, naked and personal.

For the tattoo culture it would get a global new audience (even in could places, can they show there work in town). For pickpockets it would mean more effective workflow (well, Al is a smart dude and for chore his designers can find a solution for that small problem). For some countries it would mean a culture crash to be naked, but aren’t we al born that way?
Now when nature needs to step back to survive – we al can become role models to – Re born the earth again! A sign that this idea isn’t too creasy is the photographer Spencer Tunick with his fantastic art photos of naked crowds (se above photo). If you like to sign up for his photos, just fill in your contact information and skin color here

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Intel on geek hunting for next Goolge

Published by on oktober 11, 2007

Intel is humble enough to understand that their 90,000 employees worldwide are nothing compared to billions of talented geeks. So they are now going on “geek hunting.” The goal is to find a new before anybody else.

In an effort to stay on top of the latest software trends and cool new startups, Intel on Monday made public a Digg-like voting site called CoolSW, for ”cool software.” The site will tap the geek public for the most promising new software companies worldwide…. The Hollywood Stock Exchange lets traders forecast the box-office performance of Hollywood films and Oscar nominations as a group. On average, the market picks more than 80 percent of Oscar nominees correctly, and hasn’t missed more than one Oscar winner in the past four years, according to reports.

They are not alone Dell an others do understand the power of ONE is stronger than any organization. Even we work with the collective brain power, that why we thank Manoj for sending this article.

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