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Free start and end as a consumer

Published by on september 8, 2007

The best thing in life should be free (witch brands don’t want to be best?). Went to the amusement park Gröna Lund that understand how to create relations over time. They have been entertaining people since 1883 and learn how to build a buzz. The entry is for free if you are in the age 0-3 ore over 65! Now when this magic secret is out you can do the same with your brand building. A free start and end is building loyalty over time with “laughter of mouth,” that last more than three generations.

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ONE in Germany: der kleine Kunde und der große Bruder

Published by on september 7, 2007

Time goes to fast some times, thanks to blogs it is easy to go back in time. Here are a good blog post from a lecture awhile ago:

Once I became acquainted with a very small man, who explained to me with a Cocktail party that it is debt A driver international motorcycle course. When it mean view saw, it pointed to another man, who was approximately twice as large and twice as heavy as he……… (translation)

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James Brown is alive

Published by on september 6, 2007

The music beat of James Brown is more alive than most of today’s musicians. Many of today’s musicians are using the beats of ”The Godfather of Soul.” James Brown beat has become a standard when creating “new” music. That means that ”The Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” never going to stop working. For today’s instrument has build in his beat into the beat boxes. In other words has James become a Culturestones for the music industry. It would be cool to see and white board with build in management by Jack Welsh.

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YOU are the best DJ

Published by on september 5, 2007

For some weeks ago a friend and me ended up dancing al night. The reason, the DJ was you (and you were great)! At this disco did the disc jockey put al the records on a wall besides the dance floor. A great concept so al the dancers could choose the songs that would keep us dancing on the dance floor al night. You’re a good DJ, thanks for being a so humble DJ. Next step could be to put the records online and that you could go in for free to the place if you ad records on the wall, so others can choose your favorite song (and that would be?)
I a good DJ is like think good management, it keeps people dance on the dance floor. So why not put the records of your “business solution” on a wall so people will dance with your business success?

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Can advertising ad value into peoples life?

Published by on september 4, 2007

Instead of hunting down people I think advertising need to ad value into peoples life? Consumers are getting smarter; they demand advertising to be smarter to. I think the old system of interrupting is out of date. What do you think is the next smart step for advertising to take?

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