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Evolution strategies for journalism into web 2.0

Published by on mars 31, 2007

New Media Strategy Manager, Colin Daniels from Sunday Times in South Africa did hold a lecture at SoStockholm this week. He pointed out how they will change the way they work: From a traditional newspaper to web 2.0 with social strategies. It was good common sense in how to work with web 2.0. The audience was full of PR people and journalist. I did take the opportunities to interview some of the best journalist we have in Sweden. The question I did ask al of them was: What would change if you did write articles with the goal to get comment from readers into web 2.0? Some did say it would be worse journalism with now deepness. But most of them did explain that then they need to write more sensational (gossip journalism). But a lot of them also did say that this new dimension also could inspire them, as a journalist and that it will make their articles grow with new sources.

Sunday Times in South Africa is going to work with that connects the blogosphere with journalism in an innovative way.

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World premier for passion CEO and the ConsumerPowerday

Published by on mars 29, 2007

Yesterday was world premier for the ConsumerPowerday. I was on of the speakers and the moderator. There were good speakers from Volvo, ICA, EON, Telgeenergi, Lunarstorm, PriceWaterHouseCoopers etc and a great audience. The seminar was it first ever and was arranged by an outstanding project leader: Stefan Broman. He and I has been planning and talking about this seminar for a year. The background is based on that consumers are missing from top management. A especially I miss passionate CEOs. It did start with this blog post: “Competition: Find a CEO with a company tattoo and win ONE for your self!” And the answers were no good. So for this seminar we did make it to a competition togheter with the prestigious business magazine “Business world” (Affärs världen) of “The most passionate CEO” (in Sweden but it is probably the fist competition in the world so the winner is nr in the world). Television and reporters where at the seminar to meet the winner Calill Oqvist, CEO, Light My Fire. She ended up in different Swedish business media like DI/DiTv, Supermarket etc. We did work with Re:Public Relations to get the message out and it did go al the way out.

The winners with passionate CEOs is consumers to Light My Fire. Volvo did deliver the message between result and working close to consumers. 70% of the consumers how customizes their Volvo online end up buying it!!!!! To summit up: Money talks where passion walks!

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Why Hollywood sucks!

Published by on mars 26, 2007

I got 1,4 hits on “Why Hollywood sucks!” in Google so I don’t feel I have to excuse my langue. Did see “Pauly Shore Is Dead” it was like most Hollywood movies total focused on Hollywood. It gives the saying “not invented here” a new dimension (if it is not for use in here it not exist).
Hollywood has outsourced reality and has in the process lost touch with the audience. All too often, corporate communications are focused on the company itself. Customers find it difficult to get involved when they see no connection to their own situation. Hollywood is a wonderful place for creativity, but if too many movies are about Hollywood, creativity will suffer. In the corporate world, the audience must feel that they are part of things. If the customer and the company don’t both get noticed, they don’t exist. Hollywood tends to see reality as a mirror image of itself, which means that the audience often fails to see itself in the movies. This creates a distance between the film and its audience. Reality soaps have tried to fill this gap with a certain success. The headlines and gossip generated by many of these programs show that there is a potential in getting closer to your customer, but in the long run, these programs create another sort of distance between the sender and receiver.
Many things have been tried in movie theaters to bring audiences closer. THX sound is all well and good, but in a world of chat, SMS, and video calls, moviegoers are used to seeing more of themselves in the product. A future product made possible by modern technology and driven by the modern “me ethic” might be Cinema Karaoke – being part of the movie as one of the actors. Sound absurd? Maybe, but then again, who would have guessed that Karaoke would become what it is today just 30 years ago? There are a number of places where movies are shown with a sing-along audience.
Why not let live musicians play at Robbie Williams’ concerts. Or a DJ that plays the records the audience brings, a film that plays backwards if the audience votes for it, or credits that include the names of the audience – a technical possibility with mobile phones and SMS messages. Even old circuses used the audience in their routines. Even when the participation was faked, it added an extra dimension to the show. We all know that moviegoers seldom leave the movie theater inspired. What can we do to fill those seats? Ore are we only going to accept that “Why Hollywood sucks!” forever?

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Toyota Prius a winner in World Figure Skating Championships and Tonya Harding is the loser

Published by on mars 24, 2007

Today in World Figure Skating Championships in Japan did the female winner came from Japan both the gold and silver. It is not hard to see the winning connection between the sport and the culture (beauty and discipline). The same winning formula works for Japanese companies as Toyota (for their corporate culture). But for the American companies up to now has the “The Tonya Harding success factor for figure skating and business” been working well. But today is the rules for “World business Championships” changing. The value of “beauty” means respect for the earth and having the “discipline” to find solutions. That’s why Toyota Prius is selling more than any of GM car models.

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ONE at the Relation day

Published by on mars 23, 2007

Yesterday I hold a lecture the Relation day (Swedish) in beautiful Uppsala. ONE at a Relation day could not bean more perfect topic. I always find student town having an interesting energy that is full off learning power. Here is something to think about: Student builds an infrastructure in student cities as Uppsala, how can the tourism industry use this structure in summer time?

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Health food vs. ice cream

Published by on mars 17, 2007

Cold and darkness in the wintertime makes consumers buy health food (energy). Hot and sunny days make the same consumers to buy ice cream (the sun provides free energy). When are we going to see retail stores that in the winter sell health food and in summer time sells ice cream? Some product are connected by the time of the year that they are the perfect mix, what other product do you think has the same connections?

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A Lego Volvo and a funky R2-D2

Published by on mars 14, 2007

Brick by brick kids can build their Volvo with Lego.

“The Volvo XC90 made of LEGO bricks was built by LEGO Master Model Builders, members of an elite team of talented artists who design, create and maintain the thousands of LEGO brick models at LEGOLAND California.” Lego Volvo

Also checkout this funky version of R2-D2:
“Everyone’s favorite droid now projects DVDs, plays you iPod and moves around via a Millennium Falcon remote.” CES 2007: R2-D2 DVD Projector

Thanks to Lars Johansson for sending this fun links.

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ONEinternet a new open source software: Browser, email, blog etc al in ONE langue

Published by on mars 13, 2007

Is so strange that we can al surf and share information but not directly. We have to translate it with Babel Fish ore other solutions. But why is there not a way for me to browse and search for any think in any langue ore blog. Why can’t I send an email to friends in any langue etc etc… It also can work with IP phone solutions as Skype etc. Well the smartest thing I seen on Internet is YOU (connected to open source so why don’t we make it happen?). I call this idea for a new open source software for “ONEinternet.”
It a simple solution, the ONEinternet you only put in what your langue (cookie) and then the receiver put in his ore her leagues. This means that the cookies will make your computer to switch langue in your browser, email, blog etc. It is more than a simple solution; it will make a flat world become round online. The same goes for search engines you search on your langue and gets hits on al the langue… this will make Google grow and connect al country, it could work as an (some will say it’s a peace project).

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Get down in the subway and dance on Second life

Published by on mars 8, 2007

Tomorrow you can dance on Second life live. When art and technology moves together new opportunities grow. If you like to get down into the subway here in Stockholm tomorrow, then you can dance with them both:

“Second Life Modern Dance Theatre, founded by a group of architecture students from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in collaboration with The Stockholm Modern Dance Theatre are proud to present a performance and installation.” Production of Architecture: First Life Dance

As a former dancer with too much weight I love to get a second dance in second life so I can move like never before.

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Published by on mars 2, 2007

I did by my tickets at for a while a go. When landed they broken my bags that cost more than my fly ticket. Did ask their staff at the airport what to do, they did tell me to call FlyMe costumer service. Did the next day when they where open. They ask me to send an email. Six month later they send me a snail mail and explain that I only could complain at the airport direct when it happen (so I did). After this I was thinking about putting up an website with the kind name

But today they did put this on their website:
“The board of Fly Me Sweden AB intends, as soon as possible, to file for bankruptcy.”

I guess it is to late to get compensation for my bags, but not to late for other airlines to learn what good costumer service means for their bottom line (and my bags).

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