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When consumers talk, agencies do moonwalk

Published by on januari 16, 2007

Creativity is a lot about to adapt to changes that’s why agencies no are changing they way they walk.

“Tomorrow’s consumers will be increasingly hard to reach over the next ten years so agencies will need to re-invent themselves to adapt.” Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)

The money is even make them doing moonwalk back to the consumers wallets, for money talks. That’s why IPA writes headlines in how to learn moon walking in their report: Re-invention is key if agencies are to survive.

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From Fender to Customization Cloning Inc

Published by on januari 15, 2007

Did walk into a guitar shop and could not see why the guitar that looks old and used was more expensive than the new guitars. They explained that al of them where used. But the ones that I belief was old was a “customization cloning.” Well they did not use that words I use but they did say it was an exact copy from a famous guitar player. Everything on it was authentic (dirt, finger imprint after years of using it).

Few brand have the strings to touch costumers as Fender.

Strings and al kinds of special things this guitar player was using after 20 years of playing with it. The point is as they told me that I could buy an exact copy of my guitar star that sounds exactly the same (is that an selling point or what). Take a walk on the Fender wild site on costumer shop and find out why how cool it is and then ask why others like GM aren’t doing the same thing? Maybe you like to have not only the same brands as your idols are using but an exact copy (more personal than an autograph and totally unique feeling). You only have to pick out a movie and what product you like to have form it. Al this could expand to an global companies that can be called “Customization Cloning Inc” and deliver anything that you like to have cloned in products… what about Nick Nolte’s car in the movie 48 Hrs? If not that car, maybe you prefer an exact copy of the furniture at the famous café in Seinfeld. When you watch a movie next time maybe it is online with the so you only have to click on the products you like to order.
If you like to start the “Customization Cloning Inc” you will find good know how in the theater field, in how to make “fake” products become “real” business. In the meantime you always can by your favorite guitar star’s guitar but if you like it to sound as good as Pink Floyd played on it you don’t need to plug it only play air guitar.

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iPhone me Steve Jobs

Published by on januari 10, 2007

Finally Apple is answering a long distance call from their consumers and introducing the iPhone. Steve Jobs is a great speaker but for a long time he had not any real Apple news to speak about. One manager at Apple did ask me: “Why are you so critical about Apple?” I did answer that it’s not Apple I am worried about it’s their fans. And with iPhone the fans finally has something to believe on in the Apple church.
Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs (a master speaker) introduce the iPhone with one-liners “Today on we are selling 5 millions song a day.” Steve says that they always have hard competition. I think that is not the fact yet, but now when they finally are moving from computers to mobiles they will find out what the words “hard competition” really means. The mobile industry really now how to get out products fast, if Apple should move as fast as they do they should have introduce the iPhone 2005 (in my opinion).
If they use the iPhone to connect with their fans and become ONE with them they could: Be come bigger than and Easy be faster than CNN if they want to tape into the citizen journalism with their fans. And if they like they can become a human But first Steve Jobs have to iPhone me Stefan Engeseth at +46 704 44 33 54

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Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer

Published by on januari 9, 2007

It feels like the consumer power topic is so hot that it burns. Now when even the most prestigious advertising magazine puts the consumer on top of food chain for today’s agencies: Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer

“Of course, consumers aren’t agencies, but they have become arguably the most effective creators and distributors of commercial content.” By Jonah Bloom, editor, Ad Age. Article: How and Why We Picked the Consumer as Agency of the Year (subscribe)

I remember when I 2005 shock some advertisers in Brussels saying: Stop hunting consumers & start to involve them. Today they will listen more if they like to enjoy the amore of great advertising and be a successful agency.

“The question for 2007 will be whether marketers and agencies find ways to harness that consumer-bred creativity — so unpolished and unaccountable — and deploy it in the service of brands.” By Matthew Creamer, Article: Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer (subscribe)

How will you work with the best agency of the year?

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Consumers is the money machine 2007

Published by on januari 8, 2007

For business consumers is one of the strongest trends for 2007 says,

“2007 could be the year in which TRANSPARENCY TYRANNY really starts scaring the shit out of non-performing brands.”

Don’t miss to read about GENERATION C(ASH) where they point out that creative consumers now wants cash for they brainpower. They have case after case to prove the power of what millions of consumers can do for business. Intel that did get to pay $475 millions for not listening to consumers are now Intel paying $1 million to consumers that are giving them an good idea (change of heart…).
Entrance and exit in your wallet can be more balanced as an consumer 2007 if more companies are understanding what consumers can achieve for their business result.

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Trash Fashion Aid

Published by on januari 6, 2007

Being homelessness will never be a fashion, but fashion is about changing clothes so there is a connection. A lot of people call the fashion industry for being cynical and shallow with now deeper meaning ore social responsibility. There are a lot of good people in the fashion business and magazines as Lucire that are concern about the pig picture (including you and me). To become more ONE with the rest of the world I think fashion needs to become more “trash” with the rest of the world outside of their beautiful part of the picture.

Trash may refer to: ”Waste, unwanted or undesired material left over after the completion of a process”

I suggest that they make a “Trash Fashion Aid” where fashion change and get down with real problems. It is easily to criticism this concept and idea but at the same time it is a lot of talk and no walk on the catwalk called human right for does how calls “trash.”
Witch fashion brand and designers do you think would team up to make this happened? How can consumer power join a movement? What we see in the mirror is more than the fashion brand we are consuming; can it be a deeper connection with “Trash Fashion Aid”?

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How would you like to have 50,000 negative anti-brand pictures of your company on the Internet?

Published by on januari 5, 2007

Fire Fox
and Microsoft (Explorer) are standing for different cultures and for millions of consumers they stand for good and bad (see the consumer made logo above). Microsoft finally understands they never can compete with consumer power so they are more and more open their company. It is not because Microsoft is going soft; the reason is that they understand it is about surviving (and being a part of the evolution).
Al ready in 2002 we could read: “Today, Microsoft claims to ”love” the open-source concept” Mike Ricciuti, CNET Well “love” can hurt and take a long time to become real.
Sometimes when I lecture I ask the audience “How would you like to have 50,000 negative anti-brand pictures of your company on the Internet?” Not many hands go up, yet the pictures are still out there. Why?

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Take a Ladies Taxi in Dubai to Manhattan

Published by on januari 4, 2007

Customization is big business and good service, and being polite to female consumers is a nice thing.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced commencement of the Ladies Taxi service from the first of January 2007 offering comfort, safety and privacy to women, both residents and tourists. In the first stage, it will be operating 50 modern and comfortable vehicles distinguished by its roof with pink color, and driven by 100 qualified women with high levels of training in the driving and methods of dealing with the public.” Dubai Weekly Newsletter 45

It is a new service with Ladies Taxi in Dubai, but what if the same service would be given on Manhattan? Then it could be going from “Sex in the city” to “shop in the city?” Do you think the service could be a new TV soap?

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Saddam Hussein hanging highlights citizen journalism on CNN

Published by on januari 3, 2007

Today was CNN talking a lot about the movie that was taking of Saddam Hussein hanging. The subject of the discussion is not so much the ethical part (it is not a happy ending). Instead the focus was the citizen journalism. Professional journalists at CNN are using the same mobile phones as citizen journalist.

“There are conflicting reports on who smuggled a cell phone into the execution chamber. Sami al-Askari, an aide to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, attended the execution and told CNN it was one of the four masked guards who recorded the hanging.” CNN (video etc)

CNN also interview the CEO of a company that are buying “consumer taking photos and films.” I think it is an interesting trend of companies growing bee twin consumers and companies and filing the big gap with new business. Did blog about the evolution of journalism before, now it is this not happy ending of Saddam making it coming a life (as it did with Rodney King).

It is nearly scary how close the are to one idea in my ONE book about making a special digital camera for citizen journalist I did say it should be bee twin Sony and CNN it is now with Sony Ericsson and Scoopt, take a “shot” at it here (and blog).

Here is the related part from my ONE book:

Today, CNN has over a billion viewers. How can the company apply ONE to bring these people into the company? One way is to deepen its relationship with them. Another is to create new relationships among these people. Let’s say CNN makes an agreement with Sony to market a CNN Digital News Camera that sends images directly to a website. People document their own lives and the lives of their friends and neighbors. To allow these people to interact, CNN would create a with free homepages for everyone who had purchased a starter kit. This site would not only supply news from country to country, but also from community to community, family to family, and even individual to individual. This news would in no way compete with existing news coverage, but rather complement it just as the local press does today. Over the years, we have seen the power of the small community newspaper as a marketing medium. In addition to starter fees for the web service and the profit on the cameras themselves, somewhere along the line, these 1 billion people will turn into consumers, with CNN first in line to turn their needs into revenue. CNN already uses much journalistic material from viewers who happened to be on the spot when news broke. With a billion relationships, there will be far more on-the-spot reporters. A stronger relationship between sender and receiver would be created when the two are ONE.

Picture being ONE-line live with 1 billion people where you choose the camera or the film. “Honey, could you give me the remote control so I can change camera angles?”

How can ONE improve the credibility of CNN or even Fox? And why are there now so few positive news stories that don’t feature stupid pet tricks? What would you do with 1 billion customers? Is traditional TV news still the fastest medium? Or are blogs and the Internet faster? Do you see how they can work together?

A related post on this blog: Who sits in front and steers? Who sits in back at CNN?

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Ipad an Ipod built as a house in Dubai

Published by on januari 1, 2007

It is most amazing how big Ipod is becoming; it is by fare a part of our time and cultural. Apple is having a success that has no limits with Ipod, one big reason is that the rest of the business world and consumers are driving the cultural part of our Ipod time.

“A newly announced multimillion pound building project in Dubai will take inspiration for its design from that of the iconic iPod, according to reports.” The Guardian

I wonder if Steve Jobs is going to be DJ at the opening party, when a lot of Apple fans are going to dance into the Ipad building

“Real estate developer Omniyat Properties is planning to launch projects worth more than Dh3 billion in 2007, starting with a tower inspired by Apple’s iPod MP3 player…The tower will sit atop a docking station angled at six degrees to give the exact look.” Robert Ditcham, Gulf News

In my ONE book I did write: “Is Apple the only religion with a locked church?” with Ipad they finally have their church.

Dubai is an amazing place with a lot of open-minded business people. I have for many years wanted to build a house that is a product, but my plans for becoming an architect is in next life. In this life I can admire Ipad design by the Hong Kong-based architects James Law Cybertecture International.

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