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Vote for my new book cover

Published by on januari 31, 2007

My first book Detective Marketing has is now outsold and I will print the Fourth Edition of the book. In the third edition there where only the praise from TOMPETERS! In this new edition I have added some new praise and selling point “The book that best-selling business writers read” (it’s a fact, but do you like it?).

Please vote on the above picture: nr 1, 2 ore 3…
Your input is critical for the fourth edition output.

Update 3 Jan, 2007:
Thanks for al the great input!

Winner see book Detective Marketing

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Release JAlbum 7.0 today – Swedes shows a way to share your clicks

Published by on januari 30, 2007

When I take photos, the more I shot the more I learn. If I share them I learn even more and faster. That’s why I think software’s that provide this opportunity is worth time to checkout. And today JAlbum 7.0 is being released. They partly develop the software in community so it has good chance to adapt and grow with their consumers.

“We want to keep it free! We believe in the popularity and goodwill that comes from providing something good for free.”

Free is a good way to spread the word. They got over 2 million downloads, but the most interesting motivation for register when downloading is: You help to improve our product. Have you ever heard a car seller at Mercedes saying that? They are not maybe the only solutions Flickr and other are out there but Swedes has I history of good innovation so click on.

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A Viking embassy in Second Life

Published by on januari 30, 2007

The master PR Viking Olle Wästberg did came up with an great idea: Sweden to set up embassy in Second Life.

”We are planning to establish a Swedish embassy in Second Life primarily as an information portal for Sweden,” Swedish Institute (SI) director Olle Wästberg. Full story in The Local.

Sweden is unreal safe and clean so make it digital can be great for others to enjoy it at Second Life.

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Published by on januari 29, 2007

Green money is big money if you can marketing it and sell it. This time the Green Vikings™ needs to sell and marketing the message, that’s why I started the idea site

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Face death while smoking

Published by on januari 28, 2007

For many years they have worked to get smokers to face death while smoking:

“The European Union has launched an aggressive anti-smoking drive with grisly photos of rotten lungs, throat tumors and decayed teeth that it hopes will be used on cigarette packets.” CNN (Friday, October 22, 2004).

Today it’s a fact to face death on cigarettes sold in Belgium of while smoking. I wonder if a sense of humor could be effective even in a subject that is making consumers face death, take a look at this charming anti-smoking AD movie from Belgium.

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Based on a true story

Published by on januari 26, 2007

Did watch the movie ADRIFT. It was not by fare the best movie I seen, but the fact that it was based on a true story: When will we se the same story on products? Ore should it be: Based on true consuming. Before we se this come alive we can take a strange walk on

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ONE Consumer Day on export?

Published by on januari 25, 2007

Read about it at Jack Yan´s blog he it pointing it out great. The question is where “KonsumentKraftdagen” is going after Sweden?

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Green money is big money

Published by on januari 24, 2007

Yesterday I was at a seminar focusing on sustainability opportunities for business. Technical they where really good but the commercial dimension was not there in most companies. I did miss the focus on marketing and to selling the solutions. In my ONE book does Jeffrey point out it really good:

”We don’t do things to be good. Green is green [the color of the US dollar].”Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, General Electric

Good is good, but why should it be bad to make money on good solutions? Then they can make more good solutions.

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Stop and take look at your wallet!

Published by on januari 21, 2007

Can you see that it’s become transparent? It has an entrance and an exit. The transparent market has provided today’s wallets with a collective exit called consumer power. Consumers are increasingly influencing companies by letting their wallets do the talking. They have learned the phrase “my wallet giveth and taketh away.”

When consumers see that their wallets are transparent,
they see the power of an individual in consumer power.
In a transparent market, all wallets are connected!

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Sony will strikes back on iPhone

Published by on januari 19, 2007

With the pending launch of iPhone, Sony is probably busy working on a way of taking a chunk out of Apple’s market share rather than passively awaiting Apple’s attack. I think Sony is busy cooking up a concoction based on one part mylo, one part PSP and one part P990i (naturally including one part Symbian UIQ3).
We’ve already seen Sony slap familiar brand names on cell phones from Sony Ericsson: Cyber-shot and Walkman. Those names add a sense of quality even if the technology is the same. It’s all about brand, baby. And brand is Apple’s best discipline as of late so Sony will have to bring out the big artillery.
Unfortunately for Sony, they don’t have the best track record. Think of the Betamax vs. VHS fight of the 80s. Still, Apple is about to enter Sony’s turf. Mark my words, Sony won’t give up without a fight.
Do you think I’m right or wrong? Please share your thoughts. Oh, and feel free to come back at the end of December and point your finger at me if my prediction was wrong.
Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what OS X mobile will be like. I already know that UIQ3 has its bugs and that Windows Mobile has an annoying GUI.

This prediciton was writen by Lars Johansson

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