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New press clips from Internet World and Shortcut Magazine

Published by on oktober 8, 2006

”The book ONE is about one of today’s hottest topics – how companies can benefit from the energy of the consumer.”
Internet World

”In order to succeed, a company must have customers on its side. This is why every manager should have a copy of ONE in his or her bookshelf.”
Shortcut Magazine (Rating: 9 out of 10)

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A new book that stick’s

Published by on oktober 7, 2006

Did read the new book Made to stick, by US authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Published by Random House and will be out January 2007.

The book “Made to Stick” has the potential to become a bestseller, because it stick’s into your mind.

It nice to see how the value of a good story is growing. I feel stongly that we al are living in a global tribe and this book are making us more Indians than traditional business people. For my it means getting better telling my story when I hold lectures (it will help you to). There are many good cases in the book that helps the reader to grow as storytellers and also make the word of mouth grow around this book.
What is the best story that you got stick into your mind? What other books do you think stick’s?

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Tune in consumers with design

Published by on oktober 6, 2006

A cool design for me lets the consumers be a part of the design.

“Tune ’n Radio is a basic fm-radio which you have to finish yourself in order to make the product functional within your own imagination.” Wouter Geense

The not so cool thing is that the designer use copy writes on the picture so I cannot show them. Instead they could let consumers build and create the product design on their site so they could find new talent to hire. But still its is cool design, check it out.

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Creasy costumer service 2.0

Published by on oktober 5, 2006

I get a lot of god stories from costumers. This got to one of the best.
Lets call him Carl how told me this story. Living in a small town in the country part of Sweden. They decided to give a smaller broadband the commission to deliver broadband to al households in their small town. The price was good but only problem was the costumer service. When I asked why Carl explained. Well the only way to complain was with email from their website. So when our broadband did not work we could not send any emails…the effect was that they thought that we never complain, before why change to another company.
Witch is the creasiest ore fun story you’re heard about costumer service?

We are LondONErs

Published by on oktober 4, 2006

We are ONE they say and they mean it to. It could not been more ONE, and first when I did see “We are LondONErs” al the most of the billboards in London I thought it was for my book…but it is the Goverment London doing ONE and that is even better.

“Who are the seven million Londoners who live in this city? They cover a huge range of nationalities, cultures and faiths. The story of London is told in its people, so find out more on these pages about who we are and what we do.” Greater London Authority

It is the Mayor of London that doing this ONE campaign. They would like to now how London can be ONE of the most diverse cities in the world by emailing them direct at
London is a good start but when will the rest of the world become ONE?

Mail filters are stopping unhappy costumers

Published by on oktober 3, 2006

Companies now have so effective mail filter for blocking spam, the sad thing is that they use them to block unhappy costumers. When I should email the first chapter of my ONE book, I did get this respond: MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has stopped the following email for the following reason: It believes it may contain unacceptable language, or inappropriate material.”
Also the receiver got a message that this could not be business related for it contains the word “hate.” When has not LOVE and HATE been close? For me it sounds like a joke: “Hey how can we stop al this unhappy costumers that hate our brand x? Lets put up an mail filter that work lock them out from our life!”

Companies are using mail filters as Prozac

It is not the software that is wrong it is the genius that put in rules for words that unhappy costumers use like: Hate etc… This will only create a “Prozac reality” inside the company. BUT reality bites hard.

The Inventions of Super Women

Published by on oktober 2, 2006

Sadly most technical innovations are focusing on men, but it not always the one writing the history that makes history. This Friday I got went to the exhibition The Inventions of Women.

The Super Woman that I did go with is only 87 years young and full of innovation energy. Her name is Elisabeth Linderoth and you will maybe see here soon on MTV.

My mentor Claes Andreasson could not go to this exhibition so I did go with this super woman and did see a lot of woman innovation that will change life for many consumers.

Super Woman creates headlines worth millions of … purses
The 72nd International Car Show in Geneva broke with tradition by finally acknowledging women. After years of more or less completely ignoring them, Volvo introduced a concept car designed entirely by and for women. From start to finish the car was based on the ideas, experiences, and values of women both professional car designers and non-professional customers. Volvo’s car instantly generated millions of dollars of PR and will probably open the purses of millions of women when the car comes to local car dealerships. That such a simple idea could be so successful is proof of the power of letting the consumer
participate in making new products from the beginning. In the auto industry and many others, there is a need to let the customer build his or her own car, not on the standard website where you pick engine, transmission, and options, but much earlier in the process. The idea is to integrate the customer and begin
the buy process much earlier.

In parts of Asia, women have started using “right-handed wedding rings” to show that they are successful, unmarried, and enjoying their freedom. These sorts of symbols spread quickly. Jewelers have been quick to see rings on the water for their businesses. But what does this trend mean for carmakers, for example? Just as a number of socio-economic factors made SUVs a major trend, so will the Asian single woman create a wave of convertibles. Convertibles are about as impractical as SUVs, yet they both make strong statements.
The convertible says “I’m single and don’t need a lot of space for a family. I can afford not to be practical.” The convertible can become the “right-handed ring” for both men and women, a sort of signal flare for singles. This sort of trend would help the auto industry lift driving from transportation that is more or less comfortable to pure entertainment and a passionate hobby.

List 10 companies that can grow with the Super woman dimension?

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