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Madonna DNA on here next CD? And your DNA on a blog?

Published by on juli 17, 2006

After the writing about what I call Madonna Management, I can’t stop thinking of what Madonna is going to do next. ONE think that I guess she will be the first to do is spreading here talented DNA on here next CD. Did not now if that is something that is possible – then yesterday I meet Anna how is an expert and working with human DNA in Norway. Anna explained that it is possible to put in ONE a CD but it is going to be a lot of information. I hope Madonna would do this so other artist in the future can not only sample here music, but also here magic DNA into their music and art.
When are we going to see your DNA on your ore this blog? Can the DNA in the future blog to each other? Is DNA going to be building like Linux software? Is DNA only a different version of music notes? Is this question to fare out in the summer time?

The image is from the Biomolecules Gallery. Maybe Madonna can workout a deal with them for the cover design of here next CD?

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Would Dr Phil be good for Dell’s customer service department?

Published by on juli 16, 2006

The American TV relationship and life strategy expert Dr Phil could make miracle work for Dell’s customer service department. Today they respond on their massive critic on blogs with they’re on blog: Dellone2one. But that will not be enough – computers are emotions and not only numbers in a grey box. They are working with getting the box designed, read more about their ambition on “Dell Does Design–And Gets Beat Up” by Bruce Nussbaum in Business Week.

Costumers pay with there time when they work for free with the support of a product – they develop the product – that’s why they call. Why does consumers have to pay money for developing the product?

What do you need to be ONE with a customer department?

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Madonna Management

Published by on juli 15, 2006

Madonna is amazing for staying at top for generations. She does so be focusing on the consumers of here music (ore should we say culture around here). Here was to pick the right people to work with is maybe the greatest gift. Most management is based on old values and would not get much young people dance on the dance floor today. What brand & company are working like Madonna? Not Lewis, Coke ore anybody else that I now of – they al did get the right people at one time in history but to be ONE with the consumers means to involve the right people step by step and listen to the music just like a virgin.

Update 17 July:
Jack Yan makes your mind dance with the magic of Madonna, at his blog post ”Madonna, branding genius.” Read his next step of what this post is about.

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Moon Wine – A new brand, made in the moon

Published by on juli 11, 2006

If you are going to start to produce a new wine today, you have to compete with Italian and Spanish wine etc. This will make it hard to do something new, for the consumers already have a relation with the history of the product when it’s produced in a country. So what to do?
Why not produce a wine from a place that every consumers now about but don’t have an opinion on the taste a wine history? It is by far the biggest advertising campaign there is and it is having big impact everyday of the year when it’s getting dark – the moon.

Have you ever think of how the moon taste?
MOON WINEDon’t drink and drive at earth!

I would like to call it Moon Wine and it should be the real thing! There should be real part of the moon in the wine, that would make it REAL and it would make wine experts go wild in media. It would also be like open a bottle of BUZZ. The storytelling of this moon product could start of in the right clubs and be put into the right TV soaps and movies. The rumor could be that it is the first out of space ever made drug (you even don’t need alcohol to be drunk on the Moon Wine – is the moon a safe happy drug?). It will be a brand that is born everyday and reborn every night. Consumes will light up the moon with storytelling and buzz around the globe.
Luck up what opportunities do you see on the moon? How should you work with the branding and should the trademark be registered at the moon? How is this product ONE with the nature around consumers? Is this the first product made in the moon? Will it make you feel like an UFO the day after?

Update 14 July:
Follow the Moon Wine to Jack Yan´s blog post: Bang, zoom, to the moon! Moon wine—it may well work, though there’s a part of me that says it would have been great marketing that in July 1969. Read more.

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Congratulations Italy – free pasta to the whole world

Published by on juli 10, 2006

Not since Paolo Rossi played for Italy in the 1982 World Cup have I seen Italy play this wheel. Rossi was an artist that made me love Italy for its football and pasta culture. Therefore I think Barilla should give free pasta to the whole world after their historical victory yesterday.
When will we see a magic personality like Paolo Rossi on the field again? Does anybody now what he does today?

Update 11 July:
The Swedish football writer Erik Dahlberg do kick your mind in Italian and other languish to at Total Football – check it out.

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Are blog´s today’s version of Coliseum? That makes you the Gladiator!

Published by on juli 7, 2006

Did watch the modern but classical movie Gladiator (2000), with an amazing performance of Russell Crowe. What really got me thinking what to compete today’s technology and blogs.
In the movie the emperor they use the gladiators to entertain the people of Rome. The emperor did actually use Buzz and storytelling to build his “word on the street” isn’t this the first version of corporate blogging? Does this make use bloggers a modern version of a gladiator? We do go out there and get be teen but we don’t have any stuntmen to do the trick like Russell Crowe.
What style of gladiator are you? The proactive, the negative ore the positive ONE that tries to change things?

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If you are outside the box, you care more about the inside of the box

Published by on juli 6, 2006

When cultural groups with a strong tradition of networking move to a foreign country, they tend to put more faith in each other than, for example, in an insurance company. The insurance company reflects nothing of their values in the brand mirror – they don’t speak the same language, they don’t have the same world view and have no multicultural focus. Some insurance companies are starting to see the opportunity – they have started placing customer service switchboards in multicultural environments with offerings in dozens of languages. Yet, they are still locked into a traditional insurance company mindset by letting the phone ring and putting customers and future customers on hold. The question is how the insurance industry can become one with the customer when the customer is becoming ever more diverse.
Storytelling is one key element; ONE feeds the story. Ever notice that you never hear any good stories about insurance companies? With such a potential for acting as a positive force in the community, helping people back on their feet, turning around bad situations you would expect something. Yet, instead of buzz you get static – a few “we really care” commercials which ring very false with all the word of mouth horror stories we’ve heard over the years. The little positive symbolism that we see is the name of insurance companies on life-preserver and life vests. The time is right to put a few logos on consumers’ psyches. Let’s start with insurance logos on air bags and work our way up to real involvement.
We tend to forget what we have when we are to close to the source of opportunities.
A way to see opportunities is to get out of the box and look inside the box.

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Is it possible to create a brand that only will live for ONE day?

Published by on juli 4, 2006

Is there anybody out there? It sounds like a song but most of the time it is brands screaming for connection. But what if a company would create a ONE relation with millions of consumers, then they would now how is out there and they would also now what they needed.
I often ask my self-questions for years – before I find the answers, this time maybe you could help me to find the answer faster – it would be great.
Here is the question in my head: Is it possible to create a brand that only would live for one day? If so have it ever been done in the history? If not how will be the first to create “the one day brand”?

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