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Make love and give peace to the world

Published by on juli 31, 2006

Looking at the news is like looking in the history books of war. Is peace a small and to naïve business maybe, than the war industry? The saying “Make love, not war” is as old as both war and love is. But love could replace war if it is done with a purpose to do so?

If everyone in the world would produce kids with someone from a different group/nation/religion then it would not take more than ONE generation to get peace (we would not then have anything to fight about).

Bono are singing the song “ONE” with sweet words “You got to do what you should” so what should you do to make peace in ONE generation?

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Best of Google video with ONE consumer

Published by on juli 30, 2006

Did meet Ulf Sjöström a how run the site Best of Google Video (check it out). With his passion for fun videos he chooses “New movies mostly every day!” Ulf work as a ONE filter and have around 6000 visitors everyday (almost maximum of what his server can handle).
Can you ore are you a filter to any company?
How could Google have 600.000 success consumers like Ulf working with them as ONE?

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Dating is big business, when will dating bid be on

Published by on juli 25, 2006

Sites like offer singles to meet their soul mate. But is dating really romantically? When I talk with some of my friends, it sounds more like business than dating (some do good business). Here in Stockholm, we have up to 77% single people here. Many are saying I have this and for that I want this, that’s sounds more like a deal on than romantically dating. There are different variables like beauty, personality, economical situation, background etc. When age goes up – income also income also on many date’s sites. For eBay it would be not only good business with the dating business, it would be new business (when people move together new need to sell a lot of doublets in their new home).

Will it be ore new sites like ore

I have been to some great weddings that are based on a good deal.

I think we soon will see date sites that are more in to the business deal of relations. It would be a more practical look at it. Cultures that are more into a practical relation do often get criticism but they don’t separate as often than others.
How should this new sites build more ONE relations? What should you put into your bid and what should you bay? So what do you got to offer on Would the single statistics 77% in Stockholm increase tourism? Is this too cynical?

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Less is Amore

Published by on juli 24, 2006

The old saying “Less is more” is powerful. There is a need for humankind to simplify life. To make it easy to understand and to handle reality. It is like we always like to build an aquarium in the big sea. Ore swimming in our own swimming pool instead of handle everything in the sea. That is also a success factor for communities on the internet (you get to now the other fish fast). On Discovery Channel they said that when we are in love we use less of our brain resource that are used for critical judgment. Al this together is one big success for members clubs etc where we can be in love with consuming life in the aquarium. Some say life sucks, I would say hard to handle if you take in too much. People how create always use the “Less is more” for somebody need to handle the creation (take it in). Others say that love is a powerful source that we have not discovered the greatness in yet. Al this together is what I call “Less is Amore.” ONE driving force in it is that the more you focus one the right things the easier it is to love the object of your feelings.
Are blogs a version of aquarium? How can ONE be used as a tool to work with “Less is Amore”? What are your “Less is Amore” rules?

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.com is a bigger brand than even Goggle and eBay together

Published by on juli 23, 2006

The .com is a part of mayor brands, especially on the Internet and in advertising (like the OBIE Award winners that is shown at adland). Top brands pay billions for being at the top. At the same time I think they have help to create a new top brand with al their “.com

The world biggest brands come with a .com at the end. If somebody likes to make ONE brand of al of the different brands that support .com it would be a super brand in no time (it already is).

Did a search on Google for .com and a list top brands that support .com I got 20,000,000,000 (does numbers is worth taking the bank).

What product/service do you think .com could work with? Is .com a statement for our modern Internet history? Will geeks be the first to tattoo the .com brand?

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Marlon Branding – A brand you can’t refuse!

Published by on juli 22, 2006

In the historical movie The Godfather, did legendary actor Marlon Brandon say the magic world “an offer you can’t refuse.” Few films in my lifetime have mean so much to many peoples roll model as Marlon did in his role as Godfather. Why not make it as a brand? The press information could be with a sense of humor.

I am Marlon Branding
-I give you an brand you cant refuse!

Can you refuse this brand? How can? If not why doesn’t anybody make it a brand? What appeal would it have as a cloth brand?

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Superman and Clark Kent is ONE with real time business

Published by on juli 21, 2006

As a small boy I did watch Superman (I still do some times). It is trilling to see how Clark Kent is living a normal life and then at the right time becomes Superman. Today I see that the reason why he always is at the right time is that he works at the editor staff at a newspaper the Daily Planet. They get the news first, that’s why he can be at the right place first – he is ONE with what is happening on the market. How many CEOs are working as Clark Kent? So they can put the right resources at the right place at the right time? Not many, instead they are as far as they can get from the market. Living a CEO life playing golf and not even consuming the product they are trying to sell to the market.

It’s like falling asleep in a taxi and being passed by a commuter train.

What they could do is working with real time business to become ONE. Open up so many channels from the market that the company becomes a newspaper. In this case I mean that the newspaper is nothing without input – the same is for a company.

Real-time business
The products and business concepts that many companies develop on the basis of market studies often fail to relate to the consumer’s real life. Being ONE in the past, the future, and at the moment of consumption is more than ever a competitive advantage. The market is too fast for studies. Companies such as Lego, Disney, and Mattel have gone from five-year development cycles to single-year ones. The younger the target group the shorter the cycle. Many companies have had to learn the cost of inflexibility the hard way, as Sony and Levi’s did. Tomorrow’s consumer will demand a faster pace.
The music and film industries chose to cling to their LP, CD, and DVD format while consumers surfed for free. The issues are complicated and problematic, but by using ONE you will quickly see the potential is much greater than the problems. Now, it seems that these industries are starting to wake up to the profit potential of the web, but not before countless millions have been wasted.
What CEO does work as ONE? How is Superman and Clark Kent in your management team?

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Top five brands in the world that are “brand players”

Published by on juli 20, 2006

When brands only are hunting for money and not having REAL feelings for the consumers that’s why I call them “Brand Players.” Flirting with every one, instead of building long lasting relations, that’s what players do (but how long does the players last?).

Here is my list of the top five brands in the world that are “Brand Players:”

1. Micro$oft Player
2. Mac Donald Player
3. Shell Player
4. Nike Player
5. Coke Player

Which are your top 5 brands in the world that are “Brand Players”? What are your tips for brands, working against being a “player”? How can brands like these learn not to be a player and open their hearth for more than love of money?

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Zazzle into ONE new business

Published by on juli 19, 2006

When I was searching for the word debrief on Google, I found an online dictionary with a good hit. It was not the greatest dictionary I seen, but it had a cool service. In my search it created a unique t-shirt with the word I search for and the answer on it. The behind this ONE concept of the companie is co-fonder is Jeff J. Beaver and he says, ”We’re creating a whole new way for people to express themselves” in Forbes.

ONE their site: “As a contributor, you can customize your own gallery and showcase your latest products. Each time someone buys a product you created, you will earn up to 17% …” It sounds good and I hope it is, community site for consumers.

Its pretty cool that closeness means more profit for both the company and the consumers. We need more ONE case like this in the word. We have to see how it goes for the Zazzle in new business.
Do you know of creative ONE cases to checkout?

Update 20 July:
Seth Godin is today pointing out how a cool Huckabuck search interface can work as a ”graphic equalizers.” Read more on his blog post: ”Search, very loud.” I think the case above could be a good connection to what they do with the equalizers – I mean Zazzle got me dance from my first search on Google to doing business – and that’s even more than cool.

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From bonding to debriefing branding

Published by on juli 18, 2006

Most branding gurus are recommending that you should bond your brands to get close to your consumers. It is nothing wrong with that, but if everyone does the same it won’t work. Gurus also refer that woman are bonding when they are talking with each other (building there relation by charring life). I don’t agree that they are bonding. I think they are debriefing thinks in life they need to get out of their system to deal with life. Blogs works in the same way (it makes people to feel good when they share life). On television Polices often seen doing debriefing to handle al terrible thinks they see in work.

”Group psychological debriefing has been used for a number of years as a technique to minimize the negative effects of potentially stressful and traumatic events on police officers and other emergency service workers.” Gazette.

Today there is zero! Hits on “debriefing branding” on but 53,600,000 hits on “bad news” on Google. That gap is waiting for brands to fill it.

With al the wars, terror and things happening in the world do probably today’s consumers see more in a week than a Police did in a moth for some years ago. A reason is al the global information traveling global 24 hours a day. Al this information with “bad news” is hard to handle. In this “bad news” environment are brands today trying bond consumers – it can feel a bit plastic. Wouldn’t it be better to offer what I call a “debriefing branding” where consumers can replace from al the stress an negativity that is floating around them. To do this does brands need to be REAL and take part in the changes that is going on in the world so they can be ONE with consumer’s life. Brands should not be spiritual leaders, but maybe feed the soul with some good spirit.
It is important to connect the values of “debriefing branding” with social response. It means not only offer consumers to cooping with the world, but also take responsibility for the world.
What brand of today to you thinks already work with debriefing branding? How do you think debriefing branding can make consumers handle life better in a REAL way?

Update 19 July:
Good input Jack on your comment, it is maybe the secret success of blogs that we al do debriefing.

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