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Next week Swedish politics becomes ONE at Almedalsveckan

Published by on juni 30, 2006

In 1 of 52 weeks politics becomes ONE in Sweden when politician and you and me al can go to Almedalsveckan to become ONE. The success of this meeting show that there is a need for common people to take part in politics.

If politics where ONE al of the time, promises should then come down to deliver more than words. So why is not politic ONE al the rest 51 weeks of the year?

Read more about more about Almedalsveckan (most of it in Swedish but here you can translate it with Babel Fish).

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Right values to mistakes make winners

Published by on juni 29, 2006

Look to your mistakes to something you can learn from. Start by having a mistake meeting at your work ore home, discuss what we did learn. It is al about having a creative mindset so you now how far you can go in sport ore in business.

The best companies learn from mistakes – others keep doing them again.

Listen and learn from your costumers and you can look back at your mistakes with fun and joy, like in this football mistakes movie (a must to see after seen the Swedish football team in VM).

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ONE in Japan –

Published by on juni 28, 2006

Thanks to Isamu Sanada for being ONE with my book and charring great photos at

I do hope that we meet ONE day! And that Apple contact you soon…

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How often do you see people selling umbrellas when it rains?

Published by on juni 25, 2006

No often enough. Why not base a business idea to coincide with the weather or sell something at the very wrong time and leverage the entertainment value into unexpected consumption. IKEA often times its sales to coincide with bad weather. In rainy climates, it is very easy to get the most out of a rainy day by actually lowering the price of umbrellas when it’s raining, maximizing the value for the customer. This rainy day mentality can be applied to everything from search engine positioning to charter sales. Being able to time customer behaviour with consumption is one of the factors driving the success of EBay around the world.
When is the value the highest for your consumers to consume?

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Are blogs bring out the cavemen in us?

Published by on juni 24, 2006

Some critics says that blogs bring out the cavemen in us. I say that if this is the case, then the caves are now interconnected with countless fires where individuality can flourish.

Where is your fire and cave?
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How sending summer post cards can build a new brand

Published by on juni 21, 2006

ONE can also be a system to build something together where the definitions of who does what are fluid in nature. An example is X Island, “the holiday Island”. When I was on X Island last summer, I met guests that had been coming there since the beginning of the 70’s. Some of these regulars had literally built the place together with those who ran it. We lived in huts, did the dishes, cleaned and cooked together with the staff, all in 40° heat. That customers who had actually paid for the privilege of building the compound made the stay very interesting. Remember: shared experience is an excellent way of strengthening the product.
On X Island, some 80% of the participants had come based on word of mouth. This process could be reinforced. If, for example, you were to give all 60 participants 20 printed postcards each with postage, the message would spread so much faster. When the cards were mailed, approximately 1,200 friends would have learned of a great experience.
So what card should you post?

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Why you love Italy and what they write about ONE

Published by on juni 19, 2006

Italy is one of the world’s best-loved tourist destinations. The richness of the culture, both that which it has created itself and that which it has brought back as the spoils of imperial conquest, acts as a mirror. We like what see because we see ourselves. This is our ideal picture of what our lives should look like.

Read in what Italiano blogger Luca De Fino writes about the ONE book.

Thank Luca, hope to meet you ONE day in the land that we al love.

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2000 emails and seminars with The Royal Swedish King

Published by on juni 17, 2006

Sorry for not being updating this blog for a while. I love blogging but sense the ONE book have been coming out – I haven’t had the time. Did get a 1000 mail and at the same time my email software did break down, two weeks later I have an over 1000 mail again. I really love to read al the great tips about ONE cases al over the word – keep send them please. I also love the lovely kind emails about you getting the book and are reading it al over the world (that is a wonderful felling). I also love that the book is now growing with the collective mind that we al share. I will read al the mails ONE at a time but it will take some time. There have also been so many lecture and workshops, sadly I have to say no to some of them for the moment. But I do love to hold more lectures and workshops (but ONE at a time).

Did have one lecture this week where The Royal Swedish King, King Carl XVI Gustaf was the opening speaker and I did say, “the only king there is The Consumer.”

PS. All the free books to all the great bloggers are now been sent out. Thanks for al the great thanks mail from ONE reader. Sorry to say that there are now more free books to send out, but here is your local bookshop that can provide your copies of ONE.

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Follow Banksy and make the consumer revolution to art

Published by on juni 6, 2006

An artist called Banksy has repeatedly succeeded in smuggling in and hanging his own art at museums such as the Louvre in Paris, London’s Tate Gallery, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. See some great film clip of it here.
His success raises a central issue: why isn’t the consumer part of the picture? Why don’t you do the same as a costumer to a company?

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Lucky You

Published by on juni 3, 2006

I feel lucky after the book release. So I would like to play my favorite song (cant stop listen to it). Here it is for free, listen to “Lucky You” performed by Nanko. Play it and dance with me, global dancing is ONE (at least the music industry that now finally are tapping into and will feel lucky to).

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