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PennState University understands grassroots

Published by on april 8, 2006

A University is like a community. For new students it is important to understand the codes that the community builds on. They will not trust language that are build on corporate words, so they use their student to communicate with new student. It sounds easy but it needs to have a humble management that understands a transparent market. PennState´s let Napster provide students access to over 800.000 songs (how many companies would do that for their costumers?). Check the site and videos out here, it really answers the questions that student have (new grassroots now how to integrate with the community from the start).

The problem with fake grass
is that there are no grassroots!

How do you think good attitude make real grassroots to grow?

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Profit is why companies changes and develop

Published by on april 7, 2006

First step environment responsibility.

Second step social responsibility.
Third step positive consumer power.

Companies will listen and change the way they work only if they make profit. That is the cynical reason for why even the devil can change to environment- and social responsibility. By being ONE with their consumers companies will produce better products/service. They will also sell more and make bigger profit. Bottom line is not a trend it is a fact! It can change even the worse companies to listen to their consumers. Tell that to Wal-Mart and they will learn that “cash is king” means that “consumers is the king.”

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Please do not disturb

Published by on april 6, 2006

Please do not disturb

We are trying to guess
What our costumers like.

We have al seen the sign on hotel doors “Please do not disturb.” Companies use attitude as signs that are involving consumers ore sending them away. Like a restaurant that has a big sign saying “the toilet is only for our guests.” That will not make you think of food ore a big welcome. Sometimes it can be wrong but fun like in a Paris hotel elevator: 
”Please leave your values at the front desk.” But still even the fun signals are communicating attitudes.
What attitude welcomes you? What attitude welcomes and makes companies and consumers having ONE goal together?

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Adidas makes customization to an art form

Published by on april 5, 2006

Adidas have a concept that is called Adicolor (check it out). It is not new but now it is coming back strong and it will be a big rollout 2006. To give consumers only ONE color like white shoes and then give them colors to paint there one shoes ore clothes with is a great first step to become ONE.

If you make shoes, it comes naturally to fit in the costumer into the product. But are not consumers inside cars to?

It would be great if GM would provide consumers with colors to paint their car with. Maybe that would set new color on the Cadillac that now hits European dealerships.
How do you think this will make the product stand out? Is it helping the sells and marketing with storytelling? Is this enormous creative more in the right time now than when they started the customization? How does an MTV show like Pimp my ride boast customization as a consumer culture? How should you paint, your shoes, clothes and Cadillac?

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Dyslectic bloggers have more fun and makes the world more creative

Published by on april 3, 2006

Being dyslectic and write books, articles and now bloggs sounds like a bad idea for most people. But I find fun and it helps my spelling it also makes me more creative. When I go to different blogs ore websites I often end up in another place because I spell it wrong. So dyslectic bloggers do find more new thinks on the Internet (and have more fun surfing)!
The misspelling on this blog is getting better and better and worse at the same time for being dyslectic is to be word blind. Please do email me here if I am totally wrong with some words, but do not put the corrections on my blog.
I now understand that many of the most creative people in the world is dyslectic, if none of them will write on blogs it will be less creative to read. So please write about creativity and changes but not about spelling (there are many other places to write about spelling).
How is the most famous creative dyslectic you now about (except me)?

Update 10 April:
Dyslexics have all the fun

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From Google Earth to Google Globe Traveling

Published by on april 2, 2006

Google Earth is a great service to see the planet in 3D. Today we use flat screen to see the world, but that doesn’t make it round. Should Columbus only use a computer instead of traveling around the planet? And should he found America if he only reduced the planet to 1011001011100? I don’t think so; because of he should be bored to death before he ended up in the wrong place called America. I think the ultimate step for Google Earth to take is to connect people (not buy using Nokia phones), buy using technology to get people to meet and make the world round as the globe and not as flat as the flat screen.

Maybe Google Globe Traveling could use this interesting prototype made by Igor Polyakov. To make the world more round even with a computer (with their service included).

Google is ONE of the strongest brand in the world, if its search brand would go into the traveling business they have to do more than finding the relation be twin A and B. They have to find a new world that I as a consumer newer before have seen. Lets look at an idea for how this Google Globe Traveling could work. Last minutes traveling are as attractive as game lottery with now winners. Bad storytelling means bad business for the traveling business. Here is an idea for how could become ONE with the world and make the consumers a Columbus. As child’s we al have turn a globe and closed our eyes and point a finger to a point and said “ONE day I am going there” then we been dreaming of the place and people. Why not does this as a service? Then consumers can go to the travel partner and turn the globe, point a finger and travel to a new place every time. Some times it will be a please to near and some times a please far away in the dreams where we went as kids.

Be a Columbus and see the world for 900 Euro

This kind of traveling could have a permanent price of 900 Euro (the different in cost will in the long run go around for the companies offering the services). It could also be made on Internet. Every costumer that buy a trip will be sent ore be giving a globe (it is retro and full of potential finger trips…). This kind of “game-traveling” will build and feed the story and also make the world more round as the globe.
How will be the first to offering the service? Should you try it? How would it make the employees educate it self and enjoy there work? Today the world is in many ways still flat mentally, how could this service help it be more round? Traveling and charity is working good together, how could charity connect with the Google Globe Traveling? Should the name instead be Google Columbus (what do you think)? How would this service build story telling?

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A new brand – No Bush Jeans

Published by on april 1, 2006

When many people unite against a brand,
a demand for an alternative is created.

It is in many way trendy to be against something. And at the same time people do want to make a difference. With “No Bush Jeans,” they can do both… This is ONE idea for a new brand is a statement for freedom in many ways. If its shocking for some it is a statement for others. I think artist like Pink and Madonna could stand for the massage (maybe not the Madonna University).
What do you think? Is humour a freedom to say more with a brand? Would Michael Moore wear this No Bush Jeans? Is there room for ONE more brand on the jeans market? Should this Jeans even be popular in the US (maybe not so good to wear in the With House)?

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