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How to get a lost Boeing floating

Published by on februari 26, 2006

In the success television series Lost, did there airplane land near an island. It is practical for an emergency landing to bee done on water, but most time there is no an island to land near. Here is an solution that may sound a bit creasy, but not close as creasy as it sounded once upon a time when the idea of flying was first spoken about.
Why doesn’t most standard airplane float?
It does look like a boat to me. Is there a way to make it float? Well sense airplane builder Boeing is open there brand with a blog; here is some ideas to let their brand float.
• Build in a gigantic airbag around the airplane… that blowup in water.
• Build in a gigantic zipper inside of the ceiling to open the roof with. Then when it is open the airplane has become a catamaran (maybe the fasted in the world?).
• It would could make it easier to find the black box, and better for the sea and for the costumers to have their baggage with them when they check in on the beach…
• Here is an al American potential partner for Boeing to make the gigantic Zipper with, they are called Zipperstop and are saying that they have “Unzipping America since 1941” with “Satisfying customers around the world” (well it could not sound more fun). Boeing could have a meeting with their boss Jeff, don’t miss his photo here.
I hope that Boeing open their blog for wild ideas like this ONE, so we al can float in the water and on Internet.

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Free download of the “book trailer” of ONE (trailerONE: A book version of a movie trailer)

Published by on februari 23, 2006

I am a big fan of both movies and books therefore I put together a movie trailer for my next book, which is called trailerONE:

The purpose is the same as with a movie trailer – to give a feeling of what the whole book is about. The trailerONE has not the same content as in the chapterONE.

You have the permission to print, post and email the content of the first book trailer and chapterONE. Feel free to pass it on, or discuss it with anyone you like. However you can’t however bind it as a book and sell it.

This is not a chapter of my book , it is only the movie trailer. If you like to read more there is also an uncorrected galley proof of my next book “ONE – A Consumer Revolution for Business.”

Update 20 Dec:
There is now more trailer of the book, it is now included in the new first chapter. Free download here: New, bigger and updated version of ChapterONE! More pages and illustrations!

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With “Management Camping” can 2000 business leaders, park in ONE boardroom

Published by on februari 20, 2006

Here is an idea for how it can attract business people to go camping. For managers and leaders it is lonely at the top, they al need to get new perspective and ideas to develop there business. To many things in life is digital, it is a gap to real life. Real life is full of real people and nature.


Sometimes knowledge most drive in to a new roads to find something new.

The caravan (trailer US) is on it way back and at the same time is the market full of jeeps to drag them. Managers love to write and paint on whiteboards (it bring out the kids in them and allow them to paint the big picture). The problem is that the people they have to play with in the boardroom is most of the time the same people al of the time. A solution is to meet and paint with new people is to combine a caravan with a full area surface of withboard. I call cal it “Management Camping.” EveryONE can then paint and create new business together. To maximum the creativity it could have board pencil with lighters. Leaders could write a question on their “idea boarders” and others can like an open source movement contributes to the answer. Then every breakfast would be a surprise of what the night did hade to ad to the big picture. When it rains the nature become apart of the business evolution and make it clean again (that’s why digital cameras is so important to bring on the trip).
For consultant can this “idea boarders” be developed into a total conference “nature room.” The house trailers projectors can bee shown on a canvas screen that could be hang bee twin to tree. For Golfers the trailer could be an good opportunities to live on a golf green and still have the office with them.
Where should you park? Witch is the Top Managers you would like to camp with? What could 2000 hours of 200 business leaders do for your bottom line? Could this idea develop to a lecture tour (hit to road Jack… Welch…)? Do you think it should be for rent?

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Swedish relation jamming is the mother of open source – Finland is the father

Published by on februari 17, 2006

In Sweden is an open mind for relations. People here get married and separate faster than any ware in the world (that I now about). The result is families with parent’s responsibilities in 2-7 families. And for the kids it means that they can grow their mindsets in the same way as the Linux-fans are doing. This open source families is a Swedish way of relation jamming (we do need to stay warm in an cold place as Sweden). The magic father of Linux: Linus Torvalds did start the process as a student in Finland – do think he got inspired of the open source way of living in the neighbor country Sweden.
In my family we are 3 brothers al with different fathers (my mom doesn’t read blogs – I hope).
Start the jamming here.

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How OS could make everyONE a winner

Published by on februari 15, 2006

Today we have the OS 2005 in Torino, in year 2000 it was OS in Sidney. Participation in Sidney did create enthusiasm, with 46,000 volunteers. The TV audience was estimated at 3.5 billion. We all heard the song “We will be ONE.” For the closing ceremonies, all participants entered the arena without being divided into nations. This can be compared with the corporate world when companies and their customers can walk together. People are the least utilized resource in today’s corporate world. How can this be changed?
How did the 46,000 volunteers affect the 3.5 billion TV viewers? What is the nature of a similar constellation at your company or at a company where you are a customer?
ONE can also be a system to build something together where the definitions of who does what are fluid in nature. Italians love making food, could they make ONE meal with the rest of the world?

The above symbol could be seen as an evolution of the Olympic symbol
to ONEolympic. Shared experience is an excellent way
of strengthening the product/service.

Take your insurance company, for example. How many floors of their office building could you as customer have had a hand in building? How would this have affected your relationship? The company merely initiates the customer stairway; it is the customer that turns it into an escalator. When customers learn from each other, a self-perpetuating process is created.

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ONE goes beyond make-up

Published by on februari 14, 2006

Give the customer meaning free from hidden agendas. The cosmetics industry has given women an unrealistic image of themselves by holding up a fake mirror. A recent study showed that teenage girls often overestimate their waist measurement. Surely there must be a better way to sell beauty that doesn’t lead to anorexia and eating disorders.

A good deal, don’t need makeup
– still it is a big business

One way is to go deeper, to be more human and take more responsibility. A smile comes from the heart and that’s where all messages about beauty must come from. So what can be done? One simple thing is removing the artificial and/or air brushed model from adverts and store windows. Many stores have been doing just that – replacing their boy-girl mannequins with figures that have real feminine and masculine curves and imperfections so that the customer can see him or herself in the products being marketed.
What else business, could go behind the makeup?

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Big pictures needs no frame

Published by on februari 13, 2006

To see the big pictures, often means to be a part of the big picture. But after the Danish paintings we can see that now frames are local. This is also the case for organizations, now is the time to include the consumers and the rest of the world outside the framework of the corporations.
Which ”big picture” do you feel ONE with?

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A design world

Published by on februari 10, 2006

I and my friend Sergej (designer), did go to Stockholm Furniture Fair yesterday. It is interesting to see how designers interpret changes in the world in to art, fashion ore as in this case furniture (I read it like codes). Yet the Danish design has not put any to wild paintings in the design (we hope not). For an example the lamp above is a weapon (we need to see what weapons is sadly a part of our modern culture – but find new ways to use it). Also the transparence of the world we live in now (there was many transparent furniture’s). Also a lot of furniture’s to have in the center of the room (a world with less border do not need the walls). The creative level was not so high except from the famous Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa (his talent has spread to Muji, Seiko, Apple, Epson, B&B etc).

In the Greenhouse they did show the young designers. This was wild and creative like the lamp above (it is recycled bicycles). The young design students are full of passion and creativity for what you can do. And the manufactures is full of economic models of what you can produce and sell, sadly it often ends up in grey and boring design. The exception was Moooi, they where even more creative than most of the design in the Greenhouse (they work with young and more experienced designers together and with consumers input – ONE). There work was really totally outstanding on this Stockholm Furniture Fair. It seams like they focus on peoples difference so they can become different, check them out Moooi.
What trend do you see in design? How do you think designers, interpreter the world?

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Free download the first chapter of ONE

Published by on februari 8, 2006

Finally here is Chapter 1 uncorrected galley proof of my next book “ONE – A Consumer Revolution for Business.” You have the permission to print, post and email the content of the first chapter of ONE. Feel free to pass it on, or discuss it with anyone you like.

Together we can fill the gap of Grand Canyon between what a company promise and consumers experiences.

Free download the first chapter of ONE here!

Spread it: /chapterONE.pdf

Update Feb 11:
New updated chapterONE file, with “table of content.”
Update Feb 16:
New updated chapterONE file, with new layout, praise and more pages.
Update Dec 20, 2006:
New, bigger and updated version of ChapterONE! More pages and illustrations!

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They don’t fake ABBA

Published by on februari 6, 2006

The Swedish super band ABBA have fans allover the world. They have cover band playing there music like the Swedish band Waterlo.
Yesterday I did meet Anni-Frid (Katja Nord). She told me that they are now living on being an ABBA band full time and this year they have been playing for 10 years. Still she feel the passion of playing the songs, and in America the fans where saying “you look so young” they did think they were the original band. They sound and look really great, see and listen to some videos here.
Fans that like a band can be compared with an tribe. The ABBA tribe will not survive with there culture in next generation if not band as Walterloo feed the fan tribe with inspiration.
Is there really any need for the original band, to serve the culture of the tribe? Is the copy working better like this? Could the original ABBA members work together with cover band (in Waterloo they have some of the musicians but could the 4 magic front members play a tribe role?). Which is the best ABBA album and song that you now?
Which are the brand that have the strongest “fan brand” and what are the name for the “cover band”?

Update Feb 9:
The winner fakes it all

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