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Geek Squad is a great service concept

Published by on januari 9, 2006

Good service is mostly stop after the purchase; this opens a new market “the geek market.”

“The holidays are over. Now it’s time to make (and break) New Year resolutions, recover from the one-too-many turkey dinners and most importantly, get all of your new gifts up and functioning.”

Check it out Geek Squad.

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I own you ONE!!

Published by on januari 8, 2006

My publisher Cyan Books is right now editing the ONE book. I am sorry for it takes to long time to get the first chapter done. When it is ready we will post it on this blog for free downloading.
Thanks for al the mail request about the first chapter. Until the book is ready here is a great article about ONE in Contagious Magazine.
I own your ONE. I am working on getting the book out in 2006.

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Restaurant Everything

Published by on januari 6, 2006

I eat out a lot at restaurants. The problem is that after awhile it is boring for they don’t change their menu. Shouldn’t it be great with a restaurant that is total consumer focused? This new restaurant could make everything that you wanted in 20 minutes!

“Food in mouth” should fast turn into “word from mouth.”

Could this ONE menu could live forever?
Will this concept be a good formula for PR? Do you think that the chiefs should develop faster in the ”Restaurant Everything”? Do you think the consumer should be more involved in the creation of there food?

What would you order at ”Restaurant Everything”?
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Unwisely used technology can easily become a company’s guillotine

Published by on januari 4, 2006

Gillette has also planted an RFID in some of its products and you may just get an email from your razor in the near future telling you that you need a shave. This isn’t science fiction; it’s corporations using technology unwisely. Today, there are a number of anti-RFID hate sites such as that publicly expose companies that use RFID-technology and call for worldwide boycotts of these companies. These sites often reach such established mass media as Business Week, CNN and Wired.

Everyone loses in this sort of “us and them” thinking.

Instead of waiting for the consumer or spying on them, corporations should open their doors and invite them in to become ONE. Customers can come up with very interesting and creative suggestions that are not only better than those created in-house, but also create considerable PR and increased sales. The reality is that customer who contacts the R&D department is considered a nuisance. Companies should hire diplomatic and open-minded staff full time to handle customer input, especially today when communications have been simplified by Internet and the interaction of “fans of the brand” outside the company. Just like a football match or a live TV show, everyone performs better in front of a cheering audience.
Give your company that advantage and increase the stock value of your company by using ONE.

Update 15 Jan:
Instead of acting as bouncers, lawyers could be more like park rangers who see to it that the forest is kept in balance and is managed correctly.

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History and future as ONE

Published by on januari 2, 2006

Never before have the 1970s been so fully documented in television, music and fashion. It is in my opinion the most important time in modern history. It is full of humour and craziness. Therefore it should be protected, to always be alive in the future.

If we start ONE project to relive the 1970s every thousand years (2070, 3070, 4070, etc.), we can secure that the future won’t miss this period of full of humour and craziness.

The showbiz of both the 1970s and our own time could arrange a ONE concert to provide resources for this project. They would be asked, ‘How would you like to play on this record or DVD, that will always be saved for the future?’ On this DVD the best of the 1970s could be included like a historical document. If only ONE of these DVD is saved, the 1970s could live forever. The artists that are still live from the 1970s could give their DNA to this project so they can be born in the future and get their band together again.
What would you like to see live forever from most of the 1970s?
Do you have any suggestion for the name of this project?

Update Jan 3:
The culture of the 70s can not wait a thousand years to be celebrated, so there should be at least an global event every hundred years (2070, 2170, 2270 etc.).

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